Merck is Leading the Display Future with Samsung and LG
Merck is Leading the Display Future with Samsung and LG
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Merck makes communication visible

Today most displays have become flat from big fat CRT displays including TVs, computer monitors, and other types of displays. Merck is currently the biggest liquid crystal mixture manufacturer. Since the first development of liquid crystals in 1904, over 100 years of experience gave the company the experience and technology know-how to be the leader in the market.

At IMID 2009 Korea, Merck displayed samples of Liquid Crystal (LC) mixtures and OLED materials. Merck introduced a 10 kg LC mixture in a bottle. Simon Yoon, marketing and sales manager of Merck's liquid crystal division, explained, "Considering 40-inch LCD display only requires about 2g of LC mixture, 10kg is a massive amount which can produce about 5,000 panels of 40-inch LCD displays. The demand for LCD panels is growing and we had to create a bigger size of LC mixture to be more cost effective for manufacturers," he continued, "we are closely working with Samsung and LG who are leaders in the display market, and we would like to continue to be a supporter of the companies."

Merck also displayed Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) materials. OLED is considered to be the next generation of displays because it has many advantages over current LCDs. Many electronics companies have been introducing new products based on OLED such as cellphones, MP3 players, PMPs, TVs, and more. Based on Merck's background, the company designs and manufactures OLED materials for better performance in display and lighting application. With a partnership with Samsung and LG, Merck will continue to lead the future display market.

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