Jurassic World tops 2015 movie mistakes list after Chris Pratt talks without his mouth moving
Jurassic World tops 2015 movie mistakes list after Chris Pratt talks without his mouth moving
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It might be the box office smash of the year, but Jurassic World has topped a list of the most movie mistakes for 2015 so far.

The blockbuster sequel featured a scene in which lead actor Chris Pratt talks to co-star Bryce Dallas Howard without his mouth moving and another in which a phone's broken screen suddenly appears fixed.

Most notably, and listed as a "factual error" on the Movie Mistakes website, is Dallas Howard's apparent ability to survive a dinosaur attack and the sprinting it involves wearing 4-inch high heels.

Nineteen mistakes are listed for Jurassic World, with others including a crew member being reflected in a vehicle, random hairstyle changes, four members of a paramilitary team having identical heart rates and the boys' unbelievable ability to restart a clearly kaput jeep.

Terminator Genisys and Mad Max: Fury Road follow Jurassic World with ten and eight mistakes each, while Ant-Man, Tomorrowland and Minions also have some obvious flaws.

Fortunately for Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow, he can seek solace in the fact that Steven Spielberg's 1993 original, Jurassic Park, has racked up a huge 156 errors.

But the most mistakes ever Apocalypse Now, with 561. Ouch.

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