3D Imaging and High Speed Performance in Single Chip
3D Imaging and High Speed Performance in Single Chip
  • Daniel Ko
  • 승인 2009.10.13 17:38
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Continuously upgrading technological products, Samsung continues to amaze by recently introducing new semiconductor products. Among these are application processors, which include 3 new models. These are the S3C6410, S5PC100, and the S5PC110. All of these products are an upgraded version of current semiconductor chips; they have sharper digital imaging and use less power than older versions and are equipped with full HD hardware. The S5PC110, a small sized chip, contains 3D imaging and 1 GHz (1,000 megapixels/second) of speed, which is currently the fastest performance speed in the world among semiconductor chips. Even with this enhanced speed, it uses less power, much less compared to older chips.

Other products include 2 new models of hardware products called S3C4F71 and S3C4F65 that are placed in mobile handheld devices. Upgraded from previous products, these chips have higher performance, use less power, and are quite similar to chips that give access to Digital Multimedia Broadcasting. These chips allow users to use their cell phones to enjoy real time news, sports, weather forecasts, and live entertainment in separate local locations including the US, Japan, and Europe.

Lastly, they have a new product used for cell phones. It is a CIS processor, an 8 megapixel image sensor that upgrades the quality of your screen. This product is a small size chip that is placed in the phone. Also, if you connect this phone to a television, the quality of the screen becomes HD.

Ahn Jae-uck, an engineer and member of the marketing team for Samsung Electronics Co., stated, "We will continue to make the highest speed processor products for future customers."

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