Continuing to Enhance the Quality of Our Screens
Continuing to Enhance the Quality of Our Screens
  • Daniel Ko
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Hynix Co. continues to enhance our electronic future

Alongside Samsung Co., Hynix is among the leading distributors of DRAM products and flash memory chips. Models UDIMM, SODIMM, FBDIMM, HSRDIMM, UB ECC are the main memory products that are placed inside PCs and servers. Memory products for PCs, including desktop computers, notebooks, and super computers, serve as a main buffer for computer functions. Memory products for servers are similar to those of PCs except it is larger in size and memory space.

Hynix is also well known for their graphic memory products. These new models include GDDR5, GDDR3, DDR3, and DDR2. These products are faster than usual DRAM products and are inserted into graphics cards. With top quality semiconductor products, Hynix is the main supplier for companies such as ATI and NVIDIA who currently create the most technologically advanced graphic cards.

Other new products displayed are consumer memory, mobile memory, and NAND flash products. Consumer memory products are inserted into our home appliances such as printers. Mobile memory products are placed inside mp3's and phones to hold more memory and use small voltages for its operations, saving the battery's life. The mobile memory products are sold to most phone companies including Nokia and LG and other companies such as IBM and HP. Lastly, the NAND flash products can be used to substitute for a disk drive as storage.

Kim Jung-soo, Vice President of Investor Relations, stated, "Hynix Co. will continue to be a leading manufacturer for cutting edge technology and will continuously be part of the future of electronics."

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