Nissan's New Generation Skyline Sports Car
Nissan's New Generation Skyline Sports Car
  • Daniel Ko
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At KES 2009, Nissan showcased three cutting edge technology products. These 3 products were a robot resembling a bumblebee, a driving simulator, and a stylish new sports car. Created in 2008, the robot was created to resemble that of a bumblebee. Like a bumblebee, it was programmed to move around and avoid objects that are in its way. Also, it is programmed to have peripheral vision, so it moves around objects rather than hitting them.

Another product featured was a driving simulator. Basically, it looks like one of those games you play at the arcade, but it was created to resemble the feel of Nissan's soon-to-be-released luxury sedan. This simulator was created as a test drive so people can get a feel for specific aspects of the car. The actual version of the car will be released this year.

Lastly, Nissan is going to release a sports car called the Nissan GT-R. Part of Nissan's Skyline generation, the car is fully equipped with the most recent and advanced technology. The car is designed as a 2-door coupe and contains a 3.8L VR38DETT twin turbo V6 engine. It has a 6 speed semi-automatic dual clutch transmission. The new Nissan Skyline GT-R was manufactured for customers who want a car with a stylish design as well as a fast ride.

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