More Beautiful Kitchens with Samsung Household Appliances
More Beautiful Kitchens with Samsung Household Appliances
  • Lee Si-young
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A visitor is testing the easy controlled hidden door of the Zipel

Samsung Electronics was showcasing beautiful products which could be a part of interior design at the Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2009 held at Ii-San, KINTEX. One is the Zipel Zucchi Fridge which is furniture-style side-by-side model.

Samsung Eletronics Marketing Communication Director Paradise Kim said, "The Zipel has 2 big differences with existing fridges. Its handle is designed in a hidden style, so it kills the feel of hooking and also increases utilization of space. That is to say it features built-in furniture as a part of its interior design." He also said, "It has a twin-cooling system which enables the maximizing of cooler and freezer's freshness, it's independent cooling system makes energy efficiency very high.”

The other is Hauzen diamond bubble washing machine which is a 2nd generation device. The Hauzen diamond bubble washing machine is also designed for harmony of living space, and it is remarkably improving on existing washing machine's problems of vibration and noise. It could pull up washing machines from basement or balcony to kitchen. Its vibration reducing system which keeps balance enables this.  Director Kim said, "We plan to export these beautifully designed competitive products to the US and European market. We will also increase our international market share about electronic household appliances."

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