Tremendous Devices for Entertainers from LG
Tremendous Devices for Entertainers from LG
  • Lee Si-young
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LG Electronic

LG Electronics was displaying its Borderless TV at their main booth.  The Borderless TV has is only 60% as thick as other models.  This is the thinnest TV currently in production. Its magic motion remote-control system makes its user interface easy to control like a Nintendo Wii. It makes TV watching more enjoyable.

A student is playing games with LG

The New Chocolate Phone was also emphasizing its entertainment features. It has a 4-inch LCD display which has a 21:9 ratio, so a user can watch TV and video more realistically. The Chocolate Phone is also based on the Dolby Mobile 2.0 sound system, so it can be heard more convincingly. Therefore the Chocolate Phone will be truly loved by people who really want to enjoy movies and games with a cell phone.

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