What Stands Out at Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2009
What Stands Out at Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2009
  • Chung Myung-je
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Brown Eyed Girls perform during the opening ceremony

Even a single electronics show is quite an event that attracts wide public attention. If it is a gigantic event consisting of four major electronics shows, it is everybody’s dream show in the industry. The Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2009, which opened at KINTEX in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province on Oct. 13, is such an event. Its opening ceremony held at a corner of the huge exhibition arena itself on Oct. 13 proved how attractive this year’s event is.

KEA Chairman Yun Jong-yong looks at a demonstration

The Electronics Grand Fair opened with a grand fanfare at a ceremony that introduced a Wearable Computer Fashion Show and a special performance of trendy songs and dances by the Brown Eyed Girls, an award-winning young girls' band. Everything at the exhibition hall looked and sounded and felt IT-related and futuristic.

The opening of the Electronics Grand Fair signaled the bright future of the country's industry with a goal to match CeBIT, the world's premier electronics show held annually in Germany. For the second year running, this year’s event is characterized by its combination of four major electronics shows – KES, IMID, iSEDEX and IT Convergence. The Electronics Grand Fair seems to be dedicated to shedding new light on the “future and future” of the electronics and IT industries.

3,000 Foreign Buyers

Visitors look on various multi visions

A total of 857 companies from 16 countries around the world opened booths at the Electronics Grand Fair. During the exhibition period, about 80,000 visitors are expected to arrive until it finally closes, with some 3,000 potential foreign buyers searching futuristic electronics gadgets and devices.

Those foreign buyers are not only visitors to the event, but active participants in business programs. Their attention seems to focus on Korea’s IT conglomerates, such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, whose booths feature super high-definition OLED TV panels and 3D displays. As the Electronics Grand Fair’s catchphrase says, “Be the first witness to meet the future!” foreign buyers are eager to be the witness the quintessence of new technologies in Korea.

Noticeably, Nissan, the world’s leading carmaker in Japan, is participating in the event for the first time with a shock prevention robot. Murata, a Japanese manufacturer of machine tools, showcases a robot riding a bike.

Conferences and Seminars


KES, IMID, iSEDEX and IT Convergence also host quite a few conferences and seminars. Academic societies and business associations have organized them. Some of them include international conferences and seminars on OLED displays, active-matrix devices, flexible and future displays, 3D displays, Green semiconductors, SmartPhone solutions, next-generation digital broadcasting, biomedical engineering.

For example, about 30 Korean and foreign corporate CEOs, academics and researchers make presentations on system semiconductor. Executives from Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, SK Telecom, France Telecom, and Intel participate, give lectures or share IT information with each other.

What attracts highest attention in the semiconductor category is Green semiconductor. The idea is to develop environmentally-friendly Green solutions to save energy for IT gadgets and devices, such as personal computers, TV and mobile phones, which consume much power as they are of high-functional and high-performing, and multi-interfaced systems. Green technologies are prerequisites to survival, rather than a simple means for creating high value-added.

Business Forums

What makes the Electronics Grand Fair stand out is its focus on various kinds of business forums, in which consumers and suppliers alike can be satisfied with displayed goods and technologies and marketing opportunities.

“Technology Transfer Fair” is held on Oct. 14-15. During the fair, businesses will have opportunities to receive core technologies developed by think tanks and universities, such as the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), so that they can improve their technological competitiveness.

Green Solutions

Small and medium-sized enterprises introduce a variety of IT solutions in robot IT, Green software, and communications convergence. In addition, six special themed halls plus IT Convergence Hands-on Experience Hall are open to public, featuring Green vehicles, digital ships, welfare convergence platform, SmartGrid, u-city construction, intelligent transportation systems and e-government.

Large conglomerates, such as SK C&C and LG CNS, attract attention of foreign buyers by exhibiting state-of-the-art technologies. Latest technological trends will be brought together in the SmartGrid sector that makes it possible to maximize the energy efficiency through interactive information exchange system between electricity suppliers and consumers. Such up-to-date technologies include electrical semiconductor technologies that can be applied to an IT-based large-capacity electricity transport control system, a digital technology-based next-generation electricity transformer system, an intelligent power distribution system, and distributed power generation and industrial inverter systems.

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