Banishing Dangerous Work with ETRI's Smart Safety Wear
Banishing Dangerous Work with ETRI's Smart Safety Wear
  • Lee Si-young
  • 승인 2009.10.13 22:17
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A Model is showing Smart Safety Wear at the opening ceremony show of KES 2009.

ETRI's Wearable Computing research team was showcasing its smart safety wear which can prevent poisoning from gas and suffocation in a dangerous workshop.  The clothing can also transfer workers' medical signals to an emergency service center in an emergency.

Smart Safety Wear has remarkable monitoring systems about the amount of oxygen in the surrounding air, poisonous gases, and the wearer's vital signs, so it can protect a body from dangerous gas and lack of oxygen at the same time it reports that condition to a wrist-watch which is displaying medical signals like body temperaure, electrocardiogram and pulse.

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