Mobile Smart Metering System by KETI
Mobile Smart Metering System by KETI
  • Yeon Choul-woong
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The core chip of smart mobile metering system

The catchphrase Low Carbon, Green Growth is a famous word for all of us even in the Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2009. This might be the reason why much research and technology institutes are showing off their new types of applications that enable to help in energy savings efficiently.

For the meaning of a word, the smart metering system is an advanced meter that identifies energy consumption in more detail than a conventional meter. Traditional electrical meters only measure total energy consumption and provide no information of when the energy was consumed. But smart meters provide an economical way of measuring energy consumption information in real time, allowing price setting to introduce different prices for individual house or building consumption based on the time of day and the season.

The control system of a smart metering system

It is now possible for us to have and measure information about real time energy consumption as Korea Electronics Technology Institute is showing off its green growth cutting edge model called mobile smart metering system that actually helps you to check and monitor energy uses via your mobile phone.

KETI's mobile smart metering system is now being used in IDC facilities due to IDC's higher electric consumption, and they are planning to provide it to all telephone offices in the near future.

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