Solar Cell Batteries and Human Energy Harvesting Technology
Solar Cell Batteries and Human Energy Harvesting Technology
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Motion-based Interactive Display with Actual feeling in Space Touch Technology (MIDAS)

Accumulate energy from the human body and the sun as cell batteries

The MIDAS touch is a motion-based non-contact multipoint interaction technology which provides a realistic natural interaction by movement of free hands, fingers, and the full body among multiple users in a 3D space. It can be used for applications that use human movement as input in 3D space.

a. 3D hand held pointing device with realistic touch sense

b. 3D motion-based multipoint interaction using vision tracking

c. Unified tactile interface for touch sensing and haptic feedback

d. Interactive UI using fusion of haptic, audio, and video

Ear set style mobile phone designed by Myung Su Lee

Solar Cell Batteries

Solar Cell batteries are batteries that can generate electricity by converting light using photovoltaic effects. As the battery utilizes electricity, it also charges itself through converted light energy.

Human Energy Harvesting Technology

Human energy harvesting is a technique to generate and store energy by utilizing the human body as the primary source. Mostly, the harvesting system accumulates energy from the human body, store it, and uses the power later.

designed by Myung Su Lee

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