Yahoo Apologizes for Taiwan Inappropriateness
Yahoo Apologizes for Taiwan Inappropriateness
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Yahoo hired exotic dancers to celebrate their Hack Day completion in Taiwan

What's worse than going to Taiwan and hiring strippers on the company dime  Posting it on the company blog, and then getting called out for it.  But that's just what Yahoo! did for its Hack Day in Taiwan last weekend.  Grainy photos, like the one in this article, were displayed on Yahoo's Developer Network Blog after what looks to be rather fun Hack Day shenanigans in Taiwan.

However, posting such photos so publically and corporately seems to have offended the sensibilities of many.  It took Yahoo over 24 hours to respond to the fiasco, and only after several people on Twitter signed an petition targeting @Yahoo and slammed them. Prior to the Twitter petition though, many people like Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr publically expressed their disgust with Yahoo's choice of entertainment. "@Yahoo, for shame: I'm frankly disgusted." It was distributed to women's tech listserv's. People also forwarded the photos to colleagues at Yahoo asking for an explanation. Yet, Yahoo ignored it for over 24 hours. Note: 24 hours is a long time in the social media space where people can easily take control of your brand.

"Hack Days" are intended to celebrate creativity as developers race to create Web apps in less than 24 hours. Past events have had performances from Beck and Girl Talk.


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