6 New Cyber Universities To Open For the 2010 School Year
6 New Cyber Universities To Open For the 2010 School Year
  • Daniel Ko
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The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology announced that they will authorize five new cyber universities and 1 new graduate school for the upcoming 2010 school year. One out of the five cyber universities will be newly established, while the other four schools will be converted from other levels of education to a college level standard of cyber education. The new graduate school is a newly established branch that is also part of a cyber university.

For the cyber university's history of eight years, 76.7% of the students have been between the ages of 20-40. The reason for this is that cyber universities were first created to offer degrees to adults without a degree, but it has quickly expanded to an environment where any adult can acquire new knowledge and information to obtain a lifelong education.

Cyber universities have an established education in place, but the ministry is constantly trying to improve it. The two latest examples were in October 2007 and June 2008, where they altered some of the establishments and rules of the system.

Meanwhile, the cyber universitiy's committee members are launching plans to analyze the potential demand for these universities as well as promoting to create a diverse staff and a strong policy. Members of the cyber universities and other concerned people are devoted to offering their students the best possible schooling experience.

The one cyber graduate school chosen for the upcoming university was Hanyang Cyber University. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has confirmed that Hanyang Cyber University will be eligible for graduate students and are offering programs such as business, humanities, and real estate.

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