Kia Motors Rolls out Its New Brand K5 Hybrid
Kia Motors Rolls out Its New Brand K5 Hybrid
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Kia Motors rolled out its brand-new K5 Hybrid after holding a media event at Kintex Convention Hall in Ilsan in the northwestern outskirts of Seoul on December 3.

The New K5 Hybrid is mounted with a variety of devices to improve fuel efficiency. The front-air curtain and the automatic radiator grille opening/closing system contribute to reducing air resistance.

The front-air curtain enables the air to flow along the car frame. The automatic radiator grille opening/closing system automatically opens and shuts the radiator grille depending on the temperature of cooling water and the driving speed. This system helps reduce air resistance, while effectively lowering the temperature of cooling water.

The battery capacity is also improved by 13.2 percent compared to the previous model. The EV mode hour has also been extended. By applying hybrid-exclusive six-speed transmission, it recovers the energy of the driving motor when the brake is applied.

The New K5 Hybrid’s 2.0-liter GDI engine has a maximum output of 156 horsepower and a maximum torque of 19.3 kg.m, with its compound fuel efficiency estimated at 17.5 kilometers per liter. The retail price ranges from 28.24 million won to 31.39 million won.

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