Hyundai Doesn’t Apologize for False Accusation
Hyundai Doesn’t Apologize for False Accusation
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Hyundai Motors' vice president Kwak Jin met the anti-Hyundai people on Monday. Most members of the nation's largest auto sales website Bobaedream call the car maker "Weapon Car," allegedly due to the frequent accidents. 
Hyundai, which belatedly found out that its company brand image is hit hard by the anti-Hyundai people, called 100 of them to resolve a misunderstanding.
Regarding the speculation that the air-bag is different for domestic and overseas cars, he said, "There was a difference because the different safety laws of Korea and other countries, but the cars released from last year are getting to have advanced air-bag used in the North America."
When a member said, "If you go to car master Park Byung-il and apologizes for the mistake, the company can turn the misfortune to an advantage," Kwak said, "Although we understand his position, we hope he also listens to what Hyundai says."
Then the member said, "It seems the company still lacks communications. You made the car master of the nation an enemy. Hyundai makes things more difficult although it can make it easy."
Although Hyundai sued Park for work disturbance and defamation, the prosecution dropped the case, claiming he has no crime.
While Hyundai hasn't yet apologized for the accusation, Park did not sue the company for false allegation, saying, "I pointed out in the hope that the company gets better."


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