DataStreams’ Data Integration Solutions to Hit Japanese Market through K.K. Ashisuto
DataStreams’ Data Integration Solutions to Hit Japanese Market through K.K. Ashisuto
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  • 승인 2015.12.17 11:44
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DataStrems CEO Lee Young-sang(right) has signed with Tatsuo Otsuka CEO K.K. Ashisuto (left) for providing its data integration solutions and big data platforms

On Dec. 16, K.K. Ashisuto, one of Japan's leading suppliers of software products, signed a distribution agreement with DataStreams, a South Korean developer of data integration and big data analytics solutions. Under the deal, DataStreams’ data integration solutions and big data platforms-- including TeraStream™, TeraStream for Hadoop™ (a big data platform), cloud-enabled TeraStream Amazon Web Services (AWS)™, DeltaStream™ (a real-time CDC (Change Data Capture) solution) -- will hit the shelves in Japan.

Under the agreement, DataStreams’ various products, from general solutions to cutting-edge big data and cloud solutions, will be sold through Japan’s largest distribution network in the Japanese data integration solution market, which has been dominated by US solutions.

The US, the world’s software powerhouse, has been leading the market for data management technology, which requires computer systems technology. However, US solutions have failed to reign supreme in the Korean data management solution market, edged out by DataStreams’ solutions, which has caught the eye of Japan’s K.K. Ashisuto.

DataStrema’ ever-evolving technologies are expected to meet the Japanese cloud service market’s needs for big data integration and storage platforms and thus succeed in gaining ground in Japan.

DataStrems CEO Lee Young-sang said: “Under the distribution agreement, marketing campaigns for our solutions will kick into high gear in the Japanese market. Through more active investing, our system for software distribution and customer support will be reinforced. Our endeavors to make inroads into oversea markets have started to materialize. Also, distribution networks for our solutions will be further expanded in the US, China and Southeast Asian nations.”

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