Getting Global Cooperation on Green Growth with IASP 2010 Daedeok
Getting Global Cooperation on Green Growth with IASP 2010 Daedeok
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Kang Gye-doo, CEO of Daedeok Innopolis

Recently the Korea IT Times was able to speak with Kang Gye-doo, CEO of Daedeok Innopolis, on the subject of the upcoming International Association of Science Parks (IASP) World Conference on Science and Technology Parks on May 23-26, 2010, since it will be held in his very own Daedeok Innopolis. Mr. Kang was very happy to talk about the upcoming event, and answered all questions.  A transcript of the interview follows.

Q: When did Daedeok Innopolis Join in the IASP

A: Daedeok Innopolis joined in the IASP in 1993. At that time Daedeok was called Daedeok Science Town, which concentrated its efforts on R&D.

In 2005, Daedeok Innopolis' paradigm switched from R&D to the commercialization of R&D.  To establish a global network, Daedeok Innopolis entered into Memorandums of Understanding with 15 innovation clusters including the Sophia Antipolis in France. At the same time, we have been strengthening the international exchange of science technology and business through co-operation with the IASP, which is an organization established for the collaboration of science parks around the world.

The IASP is a worldwide network of science and technology parks. The IASP connects science park professionals from across the globe and provides services that drive growth and effectiveness for its members. It is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with a Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.  With its world headquarters in Malaga, Spain, the IASP has hosted 26 world conferences since its creation in 1984. At present the IASP has 372 members in 72 countries.

Q: Is this the first time the IASP has been held I Korea

A: Next year's IASP 2010 Daedeok will be the first conference held in Korea. There have been three IASP world conferences in Asia.  The first was held in Kumamoto, Japan in 1986.  The second was in Beijing, China in 1995, and it was held there again in 2005.

At the 2007 IASP Barcelona World Conference in Spain in July, Daedeok Innopolis won 66 votes out of a total of 110 and was thus selected as the host of the IASP 2010 World Conference.  We won the bid with an overwhelming majority of votes.

The former IASP world conferences have been held mainly in the US and European countries. However, in next year's IASP World Conference Korea, China and Japan will play the main role and transform it from a western to a global conference. It will be an opportunity for the IASP to take off to a new level. The overwhelming support from other IASP members for IASP 2010 Daedeok shows that the international perception of Asia is growing. Next year's conference will show the world how Korean science and technology has been developed and the government's support for green growth technology. Also, we will draw the attention of IASP members to global green growth.

We have sent about 40,000 calls for papers to domestic as well as foreign participants.  We will participate in The First International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Zhonguancun Forum, an ASPA-IASP Joint Conference.  We will also visit Shenzhen Science Park in China, Kansai Science City in Japan, Sophia Antipolis in France, and Malaga in Spain.  The Korea Technopark Association, Korea Industrial Complex Corp, the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy, and Daejeon Metropolitan City will cooperate for IASP 2010 Daedeok. We will also invite Nobel Laureates to our conference.

Q: Did you attend the 2009 IASP How do you expect the 2010 IASP to compare

Dr. Mezyad Alterkawi (center) stands with CEO Kang Gye-doo (left of center) and the Daedeok Innopolis team at the close of the IASP Conference held at Research Triangle Park in North Carolina

A: We attended the 26th World Conference IASP 2009 in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA as the next year's host for the world conference and we took over the IASP flag at that time.  At the closing remarks we delivered a speech about the topic of IASP 2010 Daedeok and explained how it will be different from other conferences. Also, we asked for other members' participation.

IASP 2010 Daedeok will be a conference which will connect science technology and business together.  It will include discussions about collaboration in the Low Carbon Green Growth Industry.  We will declare visions for the roles of Daedeok Innopolis and science parks in green growth through a Green Initiative.  And we will hold a business conference through a Green Expo and create marketing strategies for green growth.

Q: What benefits can Daedeok Innopolis receive from hosting the IASP next year

A: It will strengthen business networks, global cooperation, and provide opportunities for global business.  It will draw global collaborative business to the green growth policies of the Korean government.  It will provide domestic companies and research institutes with global business opportunities. And it will revitalize the economy of Daejeon, promote Green Korea, green technology in Daedeok Innopolis, and high technology in green growth.  Daedeok Innopolis will become one of the top 5 successful innovation clusters in the world.  It will promote Daedeok Innopolis as a global science park through collaboration with global innovation clusters and sharing science technology.  Daedeok Innopolis will become a center for Green Business by enhancing business collaboration and green growth.

Q: How do you think Daedeok Innopolis measures up in comparison with other technology parks in the IASP

A: There are more than 30 research institutes in Daedeok Innopolis. This is the unique point and merit of Daedeok Innopolis. There are few science parks where more than 30 national research institutes get together.  It also has secure global R&D infrastructure which can create CDMA commercialization and development of semi-conductors, Wibro and DMB.  There are 70 research institutes including private company supported institutes, 6 universities, and about 900 high technology SMEs.  These all create synergy effects through co-operation in business.

Daedeok Innopolis provides varieties of support programs for collaboration among industries, academia and research institutes.  We also have well-equipped facilities providing a comfortable environment. These merits in Daedeok Innopolis are not known to the world. After building an international network and strengthening cooperative relationships since the foundation of Daedeok Innopolis in 2005, we are getting attention from abroad.

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