SK Chairman Doesn't Want Divorce Action
SK Chairman Doesn't Want Divorce Action
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  • 승인 2016.01.04 09:28
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SK Group

SK Group's chairman Chey Tae-won, who recently admitted his extra-marital affair, said through the company's official that "Everything is my fault and I feel greatly responsible for that."

He also added, "If I planned a divorce action, I would not have disclosed the letter. I revealed (the family affair) although I knew I would get criticism."

The chairman repeatedly said he would resolve the conflicts with his wife and former President Roh Tae-woo's daughter Roh So-young instead of having divorce action.

Earlier, before Chey officially revealed the letter of admitting his extra-marital affair, he had visited the former president's house to ask for their understanding.

SK Group's official said, "Chey visited the house in person because the revelation of the letter may hurt the parents-in-law.”

Meanwhile, Roh So-young is hanging on to her position that she will not divorce Chey.


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