Smartphone Competition On The Rise
Smartphone Competition On The Rise
  • Daniel Ko
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Competition among smartphone companies is constantly rising. With increasing popularity, product quality and services are crucial for interested buyers. LG Electronics recently released many of their smartphone models. However, they believe their rival is specifically Apple's iPhone. LG Electronics vice president stated, "The biggest competitor to us in the smartphone industry is not Nokia but Apple's iPhone. From now on, we must start focusing more on our company's smartphones. I believe the appropriate step is to make a solution and service portfolio that will cover the basis of smartphone usage and services." This was said during a speech on November 3, 2009 at the Washington Woodrow Wilson International Center.

LG Electronics is taking initiative by establishing a new branch known as the MC Headquarters. They will be in charge of recording smartphone's usage and service and creating new ideas of improving it. This branch will cover all the specific details of smartphones.

A high ranked LG Electronics' official stated, "The MC branch was launched to recognize the whole subject on smartphones. They will properly analyze and execute ideas that will improve our smartphone's usage and service."

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