AEES 2009 - Asian Electronics Fair Giants Come Together
AEES 2009 - Asian Electronics Fair Giants Come Together
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Mr. Francis Kang presents information about KES participation in AEES 2009

Shanghai - November 9 - In Shanghai today representatives from Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and China itself came together to give a press conference on the upcoming Asia Electronics Expo Shanghai (AEES) which will begin on the 11th of November.  Grace Woo, marketing manager for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council; Francis Kang, director of the Market and Exhibition Center for the Korea Electronics Association; Jennie Sun, director of the Mainland Affairs Dept. of the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association;  and Chen Wen Hai, vice president of the China Electronic Appliance Corporation, each gave a presentation on their own show's upcoming participation in the Asia Electronics Expo Shanghai.

Mr. Kang represented Korea well.  He began by mentioning the 45 companies from Korea which are participating in the show.  He explained that the metaphor for these Korean companies is a tree.  In the same way that a tree branches out to all areas around it, he hopes that the Korean companies participating in this event want to branch out to all other technologies.  This is why the catchphrase for the Korean delegation is "Korea technology applied."

He went on to explain that the major technologies in this expo from the Korean side were going to be related to health and environment.  He said that Korean electronics are not simple things - they are trying to help people achieve good health, a clean environment, and happiness.   These products reduce pain, increase health and beauty, and even change a person's appearance and shape.

He also said that technology is not the only thing going to be available at the Korea pavilion.  There will also be Korean traditional dance performances, in the janggo style.  Visitors will be able to see taekwondo demonstrations periodically during the show.  Also, the Step Girls will perform popular Korean pop songs in lieu of the Wondergirls and Girls Generation.

Mr. Kang also mentioned that there will be a business fair held on November 12 and 13 at the Korean pavilion, for those serious visitors who want to make some definitive deals with Korean companies.

The most significant differences between last year's show and this year's show is the presence of 3D products.  There are 3D cameras and monitors which are ready to create 3D content this year.  Also, the large number of health-related products is another new trend.  Mr. Kang said that these two trends are the hot topics for 2010, and that Korea will lead this trend.

Taiwan's SMEs Make an Appearance

After Mr. Kang sat down to applause, Ms. Jennie Sun from Taiwan was introduced.  She began her presentation by saying that the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association had a 62 year history, being founded in 1948.   And rougly 75% of their member companies are small and medium-sized businesses that create 90% of their goods for the domestic market.  Taiwan has 12 large communication companies, but their production and sales decreased by 48% just this year alone.  The industry in Taiwan is looking to find new focuses in order to make a profit again.  That is why they are focusing on solar cells these days.   And, according to Ms. Sun, the companies are participating in these kinds of events up to 50 times a year, almost once a week on a constant basis.  And finally, Ms. Sun concluded by saying that at this year's AEES, over half of the 42 companies from Taiwan are those which participated last year, which shows a good stability trend.

China's Own Fair

Chen Wen Hai speaks about the China Electronic Fair

After that, Chen Wen Hai was introduced.  He spoke about the China Electronics Fair, which is held twice a year.  It is being held jointly with the AEES at this time.  He was very excited about the enthusiastic participation of all of the fairs, even with the economic problems throughout the world.  He went over the numbers of the current Shanghai electronics industry, saying that in 2007 the area made 5,915 billion yuan, an increase of 24.1%.  In 2008, however, growth slowed to 616.8 billion yuan.  In 2009, however, there was an actual decrease of 1%.  He went on to predict that the fourth quarter of 2010 is the year when big growth will be seen.

He started off speaking about the China Electronics Fair by saying that there are over one hundred major Chinese firms participating in this show, held jointly with AEES.  He spoke about the major trends with these companies, saying that solar cells are a big focus area now.  Also, he mentioned 3D animation as another focus area.  The slogan of the China Electronics Fair is "Asia Digital," and has been since 1964.  Last year's expo was held on 55,000 square meters of space, contained 2,200 booths, and entertained 60,369 visitors.  He hopes for better numbers this year.

There are four major areas of the show.  The first is the Asia electronics section with a components leading factory, a business showcase, and 3D technology.  The second area houses the CEF international section, photoelectricity booths, and semiconductors.  The third section has instrumentation, electronic tools, and transformers.  The fourth section of the show is integrated components and electronic equipment.

All in all, it was an excellent preview of what to expect for the Asia Electronics Expo Shanghai.  Unfortunately, the press conference organizers said that the Japanese delegation had experienced some problems and were unable to make the conference. But their booths and participation will still be present when the show begins.

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