AEES Eve Time for Speeches
AEES Eve Time for Speeches
  • Yeon Choul-woong
  • 승인 2009.11.11 23:34
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Kang hong-sik, director of the Market and Exhibition Center for KEA is doing his opening speech

Shanghai - November 10 - The AEES 2009 Business Conference for 45 Korean companies was held at the InterContinental Hotel, Shanghai on Nov. 10, 2009. The conference started out with an opening speech by Kang hong-sik, director of the Market and Exhibition Center for the Korea Electronics Association (KEA).

"First of all, I would like to deliver appreciation messages to all of you that are participating in AEES 2009. I'm very proud of your efforts in accomplishing these levels of high-end technologies. KEA, on the one hand, has been doing its best to differentiate itself from other countries by emphasizing that Korea has been focusing on developing cutting edge items in many fields, from semiconductors to components to all other products. On the other hand, it also comes down to the matter that Korean companies also need to let the world know about it. That is the reason why KEA is spending more of its budget on making the 45 companies' booths look unique and attractive, even though there is much pressure and conflict coming from other organizations," Kang said at the beginning of his speech.  "Once overseas buyers come to Korean booths, we need to employ all kinds of business approaches to keep their attention so that we will fully be able to explain what Korean products are, how they have higher quality, and why they make better business. The world already recognizes the superiority of Korean products by the brand name of Korea.  And that gives us a stronger duty to make better products," Kang said.

He also went on to say, "In AEES 2009, KEA has also invited a lot of Korea's major broadcasting networks such as KBS, the Electronics Newspaper, the Digital Times and the Korea IT Times as well as major Chinese broadcasting networks such as CCTV, Shanghai Oriental TV and Shanghai Newspaper to promote the business of Korean firms. At the same time, we scheduled a lot of attractions during the show such as demonstrations of Korean Taekwondo, Korean traditional Janggo dancing, Korean traditional percussion instrument performances and trendy dances by the Step Girls, who are performing famous Korean pop songs by the Wonder Girls and Girl's Generation. So, all these events will also attract a lot of attention."


The Step Girls are performing trendy dances with famous Korean pop songs
One of the attending CEOs took the next speech and delivered his message. He said, "I have been participating in AEES for 5 years now, and this show is very valuable and helpful for me in terms of finding business with overseas buyers. However, I hope you remember that you need to be more patient in order to fortify your business because you might not be able to find potential buyers this year. There are many firms who have participated in the show once and then went back to Korea without achieving any goals. Most of them, according to my experience, never come back to AEES again. But I recommend for you to keep participating in the show at least three times in a row so that potential buyers can finally recognize your products faithfully."


The dinner was also privileged to see a private performance by the Step Girls, who did a selection of trendy dances to famous songs near the end of the show.  They captured the attention of everyone from their meals.

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