AEES 2009 Kicks Off in Strong Korean Style
AEES 2009 Kicks Off in Strong Korean Style
  • Matthew Weigand
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Kang hong-sik, director of the Market and Exhibition Center for KEA is doing his opening speech on the opening ceremony in AEES

Shanghai - November 11 - Asia Electronics Expo Shanghai, 2009 (AEES 2009) started today with a crush of crowds at the entrance.  The security checkpoint which x-rayed everyone's bags and person for contraband was overloaded.  Some people reported waiting in line for over 30 minutes to just get in the front door.  The opening ceremony began around 9:45, and included speeches from a number of dignitaries.  After the speeches, there was confetti and sash-cutting, in the grand tradition of opening ceremonies everywhere.

The flow of the crowd easily carried everyone towards Hall W1, the first of four halls lined


Organizers from five countries are joining the cutting ceremony after speeches from a number of dignitaries

up in a row which house AEES 2009.  Immediately on entering the hall, guests were greeted by the Korea Pavilion with a traditional janggo dance underway on the stage.  This was followed by the Step Girls performing a number of Korean pop dances in their signature style.  They drew quite a crowd of onlookers, which also stayed to see a taekwondo performance immediately afterwards.  Taekwondo professionals leapt around the stage, kicking boards and breaking them so hard that pieces flew into the surprised audience.  Not content with boards, the taekwondo students disintegrated apples with their feet as well, coating the bystanders with a thin film of apple.

By the time the whole spectacle was finished, there was a huge crowd near the Korea pavilion, which looked around at the Korea booths afterwards.  All of the aisles of the booths were packed with wandering interested people, and at times one could not even squeeze by the crowd gathered around a particularly popular booth demonstration.  Booth exhibitors are still too busy to meet with a simple reporter, instead focusing all their attention on the mass of visitors they have received.  All in all, the Korea pavilion seems to be off to an excellent start.

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