AEES 2009 - May Be Too Early for RFID in Chinese Market
AEES 2009 - May Be Too Early for RFID in Chinese Market
  • Matthew Weigand
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Sean Kim, general manager of ineight, explains Cygnus Information Technology

Shanghai - November 11 - I stopped by Cygnis Information Technology (CIT) at the Asian Electronics Expo Shanghai 2009 (AEES 2009) to say hello to Jack Choi, CEO of the company.  His booth was an island of calm.  He said that not too many people had stopped by his booth yet, but he wasn't worried.  A lot of people took catalogs, and two of them had stopped by to talk.  Those two people seemed very interested in his products.

What his company is promoting at this AEES 2009 is its RFID tag system.  Its RFID tag can be read anywhere from between 15 to 30 meters, and has power so it can keep more information.  The tag can be written to using the company's other product, the Compact Re/Writer device.  Those two together form a total RFID solution for any company's needs.

Jack Choi said, "I expect foreign visitors from some of the most advanced countries.  Not so many from China.  We offer total solutions which save on labor costs.  But in China, labor is pretty low, so they might not be so interested."   He also said that he thought many people did not really understand his company's products and the problems it solves.  The technology might still be too new.  RFID experts could appreciate the new innovations in his products, but there still aren't that many of them.  Also, there is a general problem with the RFID industry as a whole, in that the RFID tags do not instill confidence in the end user.  There is still a lot of mistrust with using the new technology.  It still needs to mature, according to Mr. Choi.

Jack's ideal result of this show will be to get information about how and what kind of people are interested in their products.  The CEO is taking a long view of the expo process and is not necessarily expecting big orders this time around.  He is content with getting the RFID word out.

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