Elegance Attracts at AEES 2009
Elegance Attracts at AEES 2009
  • Yeon Choul-woong
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Fils booth at Asia Electronics Expo Shanghai 2009

Shanghai - November 11 - Some new technologies are ungainly, but sometimes a new technology comes out that is so good, it is elegant right away.  Fils' film speakers are the latter, and their booth was positively stuffed with visitors at all times.  "We're happy to have so many people," said Frances Choi, assistant manager of Fils.  "We haven't been able to watch any performances, because there have been too many people in the booth," Woo Je-kweon, Director of Fils, added.  There were people in the booth even during the Step Girls' performances, proving that the speakers are truly eye-catching.

The booth placement is also ideal - it is the first booth that one can see when entering the hall, and it is right across from the Korea Pavilion stage.  On the stage are regular performances from a Taekwondo performance team, traditional Korean Janggo dancing, and the Step Girls, a Korean pop dance troupe.  But none of these crowd-catchers lessened the visitors to the Fils booth - they were almost uncomfortably full the entire day.  Even with a staff of two Chinese speaking saleswomen, it was hard to keep up with all the questions.  "We have two Chinese ladies from the Fils main office in China here, and they are always busy getting distributors in China now," explained Director Woo.

"Talking about buyers, there were a couple of potential buyers who showed us a lot of interest in our products," explained Woo. "Notably, Wang Fong, director of Shanghai Suzhan M&E Co., Ltd, who is in the Casio and Sony product distribution business in Shanghai, proposed to purchase our products. He actually got some information about us from our web site earlier and then came to see the real products. He was really satisfied about the design and quality of our products. Since he wants to distribute our film speakers in Shanghai, I suggested that he purchase 1,000 pieces first. I think it is a good start for us to begin our business in Shanghai. We also met some more potential buyers - they are quite positive in making business with our products in Shanghai. However, we are thinking to provide our products to buyers who we can trust," Woo said.

Woo Je-kweon, Director (left) and Frances Choi, assistant manager of Fils, enjoy a brief break from the press of the crowd at AEES 2009

Fils is going about distributing its new technology mostly through online transactions.  In Korea, people can buy the speakers from online stores such as GSmall, Kyobo Hot Tracks, and Lotte Home Shopping. They also sell their speakers in the European Union through online retailers.  They have an office set up in China, and are looking for enough distributors to increase their business.  Right now, most of their revenue comes from the Korean market, but they expect that to change soon.

This is not the first time they have come to China.  The company has been active in many different trade shows for the past few years.  Last year they were also at AEES, showing people about their products.  "People just don't know about our product," explained Ms. Choi, "We are trying to get exposure for it, and always find more distributors."  If this steady stream of visitors holds up for their booth, there is no doubt that they will be successful.

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