The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology’s Has a Plan
The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology’s Has a Plan
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Korea's Ministry of Education, Science and Technology recently outlined a plan to achieve a standard of US$80,000 annual salary for the average citizen and release new and futuristic technology that will pioneer a path towards a better future. In this plan, they strive to raise the annual salary of an average citizen by releasing new breakthrough technology as well as improving the country's educational system by the year 2040. For the next 30 years, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology plans on releasing new and improved technology that will improve the everyday lives for all people. In this new 30 year plan, there will be releases of 252 new kinds of futuristic technologies including technologies for renewable energy, advanced materials, high technology, ubiquitious computing, and robotics technology. They believe this plan is the first step to creating a better society and hopefully a better world.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology recently set this goal at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul on November 12, 2009. Known as the "Educational Technology Future Vision," it is designed to create and release global educational technology that leads us towards the future. They predict that these new technologies will mix in with future global trends and allow Korea to match the same future vision with other countries. They predict that through this new technology, people will be driven to become more educated to increase their standard of living.

This 30 year plan also outlines other new technologies including dynamic technology and environmental technology. They also plan to analyze the strong and weak points of Korea and look into future businesses and endeavors. As a whole, they have created numerous detailed hypothetical theories that are likely to happen in the future so that they can be prepared for all situations.

Short term projects include focusing on new renewable energy, virtual reality, fusion technology, manufacturing technology, modern media technology, ubiquitious computing, and infrastructure. Long term projects include nuclear fusion, hydrogen energy, bio-energy, regeneration technology, greenhouse reduction energy, environmentally-friendly distribution technology, and robotic technology.

These new technologies will fall into 4 separate categories on how they will improve the world, which are a world that is one with nature, an affluent world, a strong world, and a convenient world. Each specific technology will help realize the dream of creating a more ideal world.

Kim Joong-hyun, Vice Minister of Education, Science and Technology stated, "These technology can launch a change for the market and pioneer the path for the world's future visions. We believe this is the right path towards building a more ideal world, however, we will closely analyze opposing opinions."

Terms of this plan was created this past May. Numerous people from different backgrounds gave opinions and assisted in the organization of this plan for the future.

List of The New Technologies:

A World that is one with nature

  • Metallic Alloy for Hydrogen Technology 2011
  • 10m Infrared Rays Technology 2011
  • Geostationary Orbit Satellite Observational System 2012
  • Highly Efficient Thin Solar Battery Diffusion 2012
  • Carbon Dioxide Ingredient with Carbon Material Utilities 2013
  • Tidal Energy Application Utilizing Seawater 2013
  • Energy Converting Efficiency of Over 40% of Dispersed Solar Energy 2013
  • Small Power Plant with Nuclear Reacting Diffusion 2014
  • Spread of Zero Energy House 2015
  • Launch of 18 Kinds of Super Capacity Technology 2015
  • Supersized Wind Velocity Equipment 2015
  • Concept of Fuel Cells for Cars 2015
  • Low Priced Hydrogen Producing Technology 2017
  • Waste Disposal System 2020
  • Launch of Solid Fuel Cell for Cars 2020
  • Earth Satellite Utilized for Observing Star's Carbon Dioxide 2022
  • Nuclear Energy Technology 2023
  • Use of Energy for Commercial Electricity Production 2032
  • Observational Systems for the Sun and Universe 2040

An Affluent World

  • 3D Robot Business 2010
  • Development of a Cell Phone with a Folding Display Screen 2011
  • Wearable Computing Hard-Mounted Display Development 2012
  • Exclusive Robots with Special Abilities 2012
  • 10 Times More Durable Environment 2013
  • Smaller Production of Smart Components Technology 2013
  • Food and Water Capsules 2015
  • Fusion Contents Information Service Technology 2015
  • Virtual Computing Technology 2015
  • Micromachines and Robots Who Perform Surgery 2017
  • Network Communication and Robotic Technology 2017
  • Environment Control Functional Robot Development 2018
  • Development of a Self Diagnosis And Recovery Intelligence 2018
  • Use of Ultra Frequency using high density For Human Image System 2020

A Strong World

  • Robots that Predict Natural Disasters 2011
  • Discovery of Anti-Aging Genetics 2011
  • A Card that Displays Your Disease History 2013
  • Technology that Reveals What Disease You Have 2013
  • Ultra-Speed Analysis for An Individual Genetics 2014
  • All-in-One Customized Healthcare System Technology That Treats Any Disease or Symptoms 2015
  • Find a Cure for AIDS 2018
  • Introduce Medical Robots 2021
  • Remote Operations Using Virtual Reality Simulation 2021
  • Criminal Emotional Control Chip For Preventing Crimes 2022
  • Child Care Safety Services With Robots 2022
  • Cure Cancer 2023
  • Nanosize Machine That Goes Into Human Body To Clean the Body 2024
  • Place Electronic Brain Into a Robot 2028
  • Use of Stem Cell for Cloning 2029
  • Place Sensors Into People Who Don't Have the 5 Senses 2032

A Convenient World

  • Small Airplanes That Fly for a Long Time Using Virtual Reality 2012
  • Small sized chip that contains Nuclear Power 2014
  • Optical Cable Infrastructure 2014
  • Replacement of Newspaper into Portable Displays 2016
  • Sensors In Cars To Prevent Accidents 2016
  • New Robot that uses Communication Technology 2017
  • Creation of More Ice Breaking Ships 2019
  • Start of Discovery of Mars' resources 2019
  • 3D Display With The Sense of Touch 2021
  • Architecture That Can Rotate 180 Degrees 2021
  • A Remote Control That Allows a Car to Drive Automatically After Choosing a Destination 2022
  • Creation of a City in the Sea 2023
  • Creation of a Tour in Space 2032
  • Remote Control for Mach-25 Planes That Operates Using Human Brain Information 2036

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