Start of IoT Relationship
Start of IoT Relationship
  • By Dr. Park Seung Chang (
  • 승인 2016.04.04 11:29
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In this Ubitopia3.0 era, I am an IT expert who is a unique user being connected to IT devices such as my smart-phone, notebook, TV & radio receiver, car, book, house and my identification things because my body, mind and soul is configured for my existence.

In my physical biological neural system, my body has my five sensors of eye, ear, nose, mouth, skin and my five infrastructures of brain, nerve, bone, flesh, heart and my liquid things of blood, tear, sweat, spit, urine and my solid things of shit, eye gum, nose gum, booger, dead skin cell, nail, hair and my air things of fart, breath and my signals of motion, gesture, sound, light, language.

This internet-based civilized evolution related to information, communication, broadcasting, measurement, monitoring, control, lighting, electricity and energy- harvesting will lead our scientific, technical, democratic, capital and environmental world in our Earth, Moon, Asteroid, Mars, Sun, etc. Our earth has recycling system which is providing air, water, soil, food, mineral, virus, resource, and energy source and our solar system is providing heat, light, x-ray, electro-magnetic wave and gravity for our existence. In the 21st century, Time can be controlled by each person who has a calender, a watch, a clock or a smart digital machine.

Nowadays people are smarter and smarter by using smart devices and contents working on the platform and network. Specially, internet and mass media including the education or exercise course is providing knowledge, method, tool, technology, wisdom for a consumer or an user. So each person also is required to write and remember some records like diary, essay, poem, novel, scenario, photograph, picture, movie, statue and use memory chip or AI(Artificial Intelligence). Therefore the N(%) users of about 70 hundred million population living in Earth can drive the computer system and other smart machines for their own works and earnings.

IoT(Internet-of-Things) relationship is forecasted by some world-wide survey institutes as the things of 260 hundred million will be connected between one and others in 2020 year. Otherwise the unique ID of things can be generated by makers , distributers, managers and administrators. So the future market of Ubitopia3.0~5.0 will be constructed on BigData, AI, VR(Virtual Reality), the smart objects. Therefore IoT relationship can be implemented by telecom(wire/wireless) connections and nano-semiconductor products but the connection state from Nano-unit to Giga-unit can be controlled by our smart machine including a steal robot or a robot suite.

In the near future, Giga-bps(bit per second) or Giga-byte technology can promote our world-wide economy of WTO, FTA or domestic market but in a cyber world each government must protect people and each person for peace and well-being. Till personal 100 age, each of senior citizen can be a digital nomad by using the smart glasses or body-components. When a person lives in this space-time domain, a person can be connected to a smart device and a person. A smart device can be connected to a person or a smart device. So human brain always use the AI and computer software. So we welcome the start of IoT relationship.

By Dr. Park Seung-chang

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