Korea’s Economic Growth Rate Will Increase By 4.3% Next Year
Korea’s Economic Growth Rate Will Increase By 4.3% Next Year
  • Daniel Ko
  • 승인 2009.12.04 14:44
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Samsung's Electronic Research Institute predicts that they will have a 6.0% growth foundation in the first half of the year and a 2.9% growth rate for the second half of the year. They analyzed that the world economy's trend of recovery will be a lot stronger than this year.

On November 26, the institute released a report called "Korea and the World's Economic Outlook in 2010" which anticipates a 4.3% increase of the economic growth rate. This year's growth rate increased by only 0.2%. Compared to records from September of last year, there was 0.4% point increase this September and a 1.0% increase for the year.

This year's business and exports are at -14.0% and -25.6%, but they predict that next year it will switch over to the positive and increase by 14.5% and 21.8%.

As of this year, the exchange rate for US dollars to Korean Won is about 1 US dollar for 1,276 won. But by next year, they predict that it will become as low as 1,100 won for 1 US dollar. The exchange rate will be about 1,130 won for 1 US dollar the first half of the year, and about 1,070 won for the second part of the year.

However, this research institute knows that Korea's current economy and the current global recession makes it difficult to accurately make predictions, so they will carefully analyze and strategize for the future.

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