KT’s IPTV Goal: 2 Million Subscribers
KT’s IPTV Goal: 2 Million Subscribers
  • Daniel Ko
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KT is focusing on marketing techniques to sell their upcoming IPTV

To interest a set goal of 2 million subscribers, KT is focusing on marketing techniques to sell their upcoming IPTV. On December 8, 2009, KT's Media department's Lee Young Yeoul introduced a marketing plan and explained how to run an IPTV business and to appeal to as many customers as possible.

This member stated, "The fact that IPTVs can travel both ways in communication is a strong point and a medium point is that a road has been paved for it's uses to be infinite." He also emphasized the fact that "KT has an appealing factor that will make subscribers come forward." Lastly, he stated, "The preexisting television and cable television have content that is offered, but IPTV allows you to search for things and purchase things like multi services." This is a special quality that will be the main force and emphasis of the marketing strategy.

To achieve this, KT will speak to Skylife for operational and direct channels in which they can produce stations. Services will include weather reports, educational services for studying certain topics such as English or Math, sport events, performances, and even commercials for accessories such as clothing products will be available.

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