Evolutionary Changes with Changing PC Market
Evolutionary Changes with Changing PC Market
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CEO Jeong Jeong-ki of Mobile Leader Co. Ltd.

In the nineties, the Internet industry had the explosive power to rain down money in Korea. Being the pathfinders for the mobile industry was like leaving Santa a glass of milk and some cookies on the mantle .

Once dreamers now had become mobile leaders. This goes the same for overseas. "When Lars Magnus Ericsson started his company in 1876, he could not have realized what the future would hold. Yet his foresight has led to us being at the forefront of the industry since the dawn of telecommunication," Vice President of Ericsson Korea, Joe Constantine said. CEO Jeong Jeong-ki of Mobile Leader Co. Ltd. shares a similar note. When he sat down on the desk as an employee at Samsung SDS before this millennium, he had no idea he will one day be the head of a mobile solutions company that is mostly known for its integrated PC Sync software for mobile devices.

Make it Mobile

"The PC market has moved from the desktop to the laptop, notebook, and netbook, with portable computers now accounting for most PC sales. And customers want good connections. But success of the iPhone and other smartphones shows how connecting to broadband opens up a new business ecosystem. We believe that this is the right time to globalize the software, and the mobile era cries for improvement in spectrum efficiency, taking it to the a new level using Long Term Evolution,"said CEO Jeong Jeong-ki.

Machines now must be able to talk to each other. Sectors such as health care, transport and utilities are all seeing how they can benefit from connectivity. With PC users now going mobile, the users are consuming Gigabytes of capacity every month. Mobile Leader Co. Ltd. started as a modest company in 2000 and developed a wired and wireless interoperable real-time messaging solution to supply it to Korea's three major mobile communication operators. Since the very first day of his career, CEO Jeong Jeong-ki has chosen the narrow road each time he was positioned to make tough choices. The one that shows vision, the one that can go long run- has always been the primary concern of him, and that made his company to have the priority in developing core technologies. Today, Mobile Leader's core solutions and technologies are partners of many well-known mobile companies.

Partner of the Tops

As most top global buyers noted at the GMV 2009, it is great to meet and learn Samsung Electronics or SK Telecom's newest mobile products via buyer's meeting, but where is the origin of their multimedia and mobile core solutions The nation's top PC Sync provider, Mobile Leader Co. Ltd. has been maintaining close collaboration with the leading mobile companies like Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, SK Telecom, Pantech, LG-Nortel, iriver, KT Tech, and Motorola with its core solutions and technologies.

Mobile Leader developed GSM/GPRS/UMTS/CDMA PC Sync and is currently collaborating with 20 telecommunication companies in 70 different countries. Its PC Sync Program is being translated into 30 different languages to be provided all across the world. Interviews with top global telecommunication companies'senior managers and directors at GMV 2009 led to a clear conclusion: It's a new world out there, playing by new rules. Many leaders of mobile broadband industry have visited to meet Korean vanguards and their cutting-edge mobile technology. Mobile Leader has it all.

From PC Sync Software to Data Sync Solution


Mobile Leader has been expanding its business plan from PC Sync solution to Data Sync solution. Its expanded area breaks down into new tech solution, multimedia solution, and mobile solution.

Contacts, message, memo, schedule, photos, and videos- Mobile Leader's PC Sync solution to modify and activate multimedia data from a mobile device to a PC has the number one title in Korea. Mobile Leader Co. Ltd. awarded Red Herring Asia Top 100 Company. The award noted the company's innovative technology, financial clarity, and the product's market penetration. Web Solution , Multimedia Manager Solution, PC Connectivity Solution, and Data Synchronization Solution of Mobile Leader has gained the global conscious over the years.

Here are the glimpse of a few innovative solutions Mobile Leader provide:

Cloud Sync Solution

This service enables a user to manage his or her personal life in a chronological order. The user can create and share UCC, and have an easy access to features including photo, video, contacts, schedule, memo, and message. 3 Way Sync Solution also provides automated back-up solution and the operating system.

PMP Manager

PMP manager provides functions to the PMP, MP3, and electronic dictionary users to manage and modify the data via PC. Its feature includes CD Ripping and CD burning as well as music, video, photo, and E-book viewer.


Twipl(http://twipl.net) now supports English, Japanese and Korean for the global Twitter users. Mobile Leader added the photo uploading function to the world's famous micro blog service Twitter. A user can either share photos via mobile phones in real time while moving, or upload maximum number of 20 photos via web on computer. The uploaded photos can be organized in mini albums.

When voice went mobile, it revolutionized business. Mobile broadband is doing the same for data, and that promises to revolutionize the world. In that sense, mobile industry is still at dawn of telecommunication. In the hardest time of the company's history, CEO Jeong powered up with optimism via challenging to run in 42 km marathon and mountain hiking. Perhaps the road ahead is nothing but a lonely battle a runner must endure to finish the race, but Mobile Leader will pursue its long-term business goals and continue to bring huge gains in efficiency.

"We will take our success at home to the next level by active participation to the major Global IT conferences and exhibitions overseas,"CEO Jeong Jeong-ki stated.

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