Training Has Always Been the Beating Heart of O+P
Training Has Always Been the Beating Heart of O+P
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On 21st July 2016 – Strengthen the role of dealers such as solid and reliable partner for the final customer. This is the main target of the training offered by O+P, brand leader in the market of hydraulic equipment worldwide. An intense program of meetings aimed at offering O+P network the most advances skills to operate independently and effectively, making a network of experienced professionals able to offer the best advice and to respond promptly to any request.

Targeted training led by the technical Department of O+P which is organized at the headquarters in Brescia annually or every two years, this involves dealers from all over the world. These are called to be part of a specialized training program aimed at sharing the latest news about the line-up of O+P products or technical insights through a detailed training on specific machinery.

O+P has always believed in the importance of the individual as the main driver of growth and considers training as one of the most important things, aware of its ability to generate know-how and experience to build value for today’s professionals and create the basis for the future technicians.

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