The World’s Lotteries at your Fingertips
The World’s Lotteries at your Fingertips
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Lotteries have long been a closed part of national identity, both a scintillating opportunity for residents of a country to strike it rich while providing a source of revenue for educational or athletic pursuits in that country. Since 2002, pioneering companies such as theLotter began offering online ticket purchasing services to play lotteries online all over the world regardless of a player’s country of residence. Today it’s easier and more convenient than ever to play the lottery online via theLotter app. Building on the convenience and ease that has made the website such a success, theLotter app brings the world’s lotteries to players, wherever they may be, on their mobile devices.

There are many different ways to play the lottery; some players chase the biggest jackpots, others are hunting for the best odds, and there are those that play on whim. Rest assured, theLotter app accommodates all types and styles of lottery play.

For one thing, there are nearly fifty lotteries available to play on theLotter app, each with its own risks and rewards. Scrolling through the myriad of lottery options and considering their relative pros and cons is an empowering experience; the player is at the center of it all, able to choose which lottery, in which country, anywhere in the world, to play!

TheLotter app is in many ways an extension of a player’s profile on in that the two are synced, changes made in the app will show up on the player’s profile on the site, and vice versa. A player has control over all but the smallest details of their profile and settings via theLotter app. What the app lacks in absolute functionality relative to the desktop site, it more than makes up for in speed, intuitive design, and, of course, the instantaneous, the-world-at-your-fingertips portability of an app.

With theLotter app it’s possible to make a list of your favourite lotteries to cut through the clutter, so to speak, and focus only on the lotteries that are important to you.

If you’re a lotto news junkie, it’s possible to sign up for results alerts, SMS messages, or emails for your favorite lotteries. You’ll always know what your favorite jackpots are up to; whether they’ve been won or are climbing higher.
Jackpot alerts are another convenient feature of theLotter app. Jackpot alerts will automatically tell you when a jackpot has grown to a point that it’s worthwhile to play. You have complete control over how large the jackpot needs to be before an automatic alert is sent. For the occasional player who needs a really big jackpot to get their imagination going, or for the harried, busy professional without the time to keep up on the latest lotto news, a jackpot alert is an incredibly convenient feature to have.

Of course the most important thing that any lottery player will want to know is whether or not they’ve won. To that end it’s possible to enter the numbers of your draw into any lottery and theLotter app will check back ten drawings to see if you’ve won anything.

One issue, and in fact this is more of an issue for theLotter and not for the user, is that the Android version of the app is not available on Google Play because it is associated with gambling. Specifically, the issue is that the android version of the app needs to be downloaded from the site, which, on my phone at least, triggered a security warning about running applications from unknown sources. This warning might be enough to scare off some potential users, which is a shame, because once installed the app works flawlessly.

All of the information tracking, managing, and cataloguing features of theLotter’s app are amazing and eye opening in an industry that hasn’t fundamentally changed that much since its inception. But, if you want to play the lottery on the android app you are redirected to the mobile site to fill out your lines and purchase your entry. The iPhone app allows play from start to finish. My quibble with being redirected to the website is mainly that it’s an interruption of what is an otherwise superb user experience, but, technically speaking it works just fine.

The android app has a trick feature that introduces some physicality to an otherwise intangible experience. The Lucky Tools Feature is theLotter’s way of generating lucky numbers for an entry. To use it, simply tap the Lucky Tools Icon, select a lottery, give your phone a shake, and voila: lucky numbers are generated for your entry! Reminds me a bit of rolling dice and it’s a fun, clever touch that stayed with me after I had purchased my entry.

TheLotter app is the most portable, convenient way to play the lottery online from your phone or tablet. Players can leverage a massive amount of information and settings to play the lotteries they want, when they want, at whatever jackpot amount they want. In short, theLotter app introduces a level of sophistication never before seen in lottery play. While theLotter app does have a few short comings it’s positives vastly outweigh them.

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