Movie-Quality Graphics in Games Aren’t So Far Off
Movie-Quality Graphics in Games Aren’t So Far Off
  • Yeon Choul-woong
  • 승인 2009.12.23 09:17
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This comparison shows a development of game graphics

For game makers, their technological prowess in planning, characters, environments, and sounds is all-important and what makes them the most proud. In particular, the area of graphics is where the fiercest competition for survival is expected. As the years go by, boundaries between reality and games seem to get blurred. 

If so, when can we see in-game graphics of movie quality Many graphics experts predict that movie-quality graphics in games are five years away. Today, the trend of in-game graphics is to apply normal maps that are extracted from a high polygon models to a low polygon models in order to portray details, light and shade, and the reflection of light in a realistic manner. 

However, there is more going on than just this. 3D capture technology will be available in five years time. At the moment, 3D game graphics show in-game objects drawn in advance. In other words, characters move in real-time, but scenes are created in advance. It is just like movie sets. 3D capture technology, however, will enable all in-game graphic elements to be rendered on a real-time basis. 

In theory, if this technology is completed, experts believe that in-game graphics would be elevated to movie-quality ones. A game expert said, "By 2015, we will see online games which are no different from movies or reality. However, the types of games will determine whether real pictures are needed or not. If all games become super-realistic, gamers will prefer picturesque games than real pictures."

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