Prayer for the Persecuted North Korean Christians
Prayer for the Persecuted North Korean Christians
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Washington, D.C. Nov.6. 2016 - No Chain (The Association of North Korean Political Victims & Their Families) commemorates the annual International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church on November 6 by remembering the North Korean Christians who are suffering severe persecution for their faith. According to Open Doors, North Korea remains the leader of an annual top 50 persecutors list of nations where it is most difficult for Christians to live out their faith, and a recent report from Christian Solidarity Worldwide has further shed light on the gross human rights violations faced by people of faith in North Korea.

"The northern part of the Korean peninsula was the origin of the breakout of a great spiritual revival in 1907 in Pyongyang, and the city was once called the 'Jerusalem of the East' for its fervent Christian faith - a Church and faith that was brutally demolished during the decades of the Kim family dictatorship, starting with Kim Il Sung, continuing with Kim Jong Il, and now being carried out by current dictator Kim Jong Un," said Henry Song, North America Director for No Chain.

"The world knows now from testimonies of North Korean defectors and Christian missionaries and organizations, that persecution of Christians continues to this day in North Korea, and the Christian Church and the international community must continue to take an interest in this issue and PRAY for the Christians inside North Korea - both the new believers that have come to faith in recent years, as well as the remnants of the Church that the regime tried so hard to destroy; the world and the Church must also not forget the tens of thousands of North Korean Christians who have perished and are suffering for their faith in political prison camps," said Jung Gwang Il, Founder and Executive Director of No Chain.

"When I was detained and tortured by the North Korean State Security agents for being a South Korean spy - before I was sent off to Yodok prison camp, I remember vividly the day that the late Rev. Dong Shik Kim, a US Permanent Resident and South Korean pastor who led a ministry to help North Korean defectors along the China-North Korea border, was dragged into a cell next to mine. We now know of course that the Rev. Kim was kidnapped by North Korean agents and later murdered by the regime, in an effort by the North Korean government to crack down on Christians helping defectors and its overall campaign to harm and destroy the Christian Church, a campaign that has been going on for decades inside the country," said Jung.

No Chain has an ongoing program called the 'Stealth Gospel' project whereby churches and Christian ministries have supported No Chain's efforts in sending in subversive messages about the Christian gospel and Christianity and information about the outside world into North Korea, using North Korean songs and music on USBs and SD cards, which are being delivered into North Korea via helicopter drones.

"Christians in the US and South Korea and elsewhere must focus on helping the North Korean believers by supporting Christian NGOs and ministries that directly help the refugees and new believers in the border area between China and North Korea, and should think twice about going into North Korea to do so-called missions work or visiting the fake churches in Pyongyang (Bongsu and Chilgol churches) and getting hoodwinked into believing that the regime allows freedom of worship inside the country. Any activity by Christians and organizations inside the country that can only be done with the approval and permission of the regime ends up only prolonging and legitimizing the dictatorship, and therefore it is imperative that Christian believers use spiritual discernment and wisdom in approaching Christian work related to North Korea," said Song.

"No dictatorship lasts forever, and good will triumph over evil, and therefore the worldwide Church and more importantly the Church in South Korea and the US must pray not only for the persecuted Christians in North Korea but also pray and prepare for eventual reunification that will happen in our lifetime," said Jung.

No Chain looks forward to partnering with new Christian ministries and churches worldwide for the 'Stealth Gospel' project for support and help; and calls on Christian believers worldwide to remember the Persecuted Church in North Korea.

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