Survival in Today's Market
Survival in Today's Market
  • Ryan Schuster
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Six sigma has become very popular throughout the world. There are over 50 companies in the US that claim they have successfully implemented six sigma management strategies in some way. Also, there are some Korean companies that have implemented six sigma and they are: Korea Telecom, KTF, LG Group, Shinhan, Samsung, Hyundai and heavy industries and construction companies have been quite successful with six sigma management strategy.

Six sigma is regarded as a systematic, scientific, statistical and smarter (4S) methodology for management innovation which is relatively suitable for use in the information technology society. Second, six sigma delivers proficient manpower cultivation and utilization. It employs a "belt system" in which the levels of rank are classified as green belt, black belt, master black belt and champion.  When the individual acquires certain training they receive a belt for example the green belt represents the workers and the black belt is the leader.

An outstanding example of a successful implementation of six sigma is Samsung. Samsung is regarded as the leading global financial, manufacturing and services conglomerates. Founded in 1938 it focused its business on textiles, shipbuilding, machinery and chemicals. However, during the 1980s they took the initial steps to invest into electronics and the semiconductor industry. During the 1990s Samsung Electronics Company (SEC) was one of two companies worldwide to post profits more than US$10 billion. Regarding the success of the way they conduct business is by using the innovation of supply chain management (SCM) and six sigma. Quoted from Samsung, "At Samsung, SCM and six sigma have been two important enablers for the group's management innovation and growth. However, Samsung realize that there is significant room for improvement in its SCM operation."

Just like any business careful consideration needs to be analyzed for performance. One could argue that six sigma is a passing fad and not a cure-all for process measuring. The Babson College management professor Tom Davenport was asked, "So has the six sigma moment passed" "I think it has," he replied. It is not about which management strategy is the best and which is the worst or the most popular. All consultants, CEOs are lying awake at night wondering how best to evolve six sigma and move forward. Each management strategy has their own flaws and benefits and the problem lies in identifying or understanding the best techniques, but to figure out the best driving implementation of those techniques. And in this area, six sigma is helping. When six sigma is done right it is a better managing system. It is not just a system to manage boring and redundant products or information better. The absence of defects does not necessarily build a better business. Based on a thorough understanding and analysis of the market.

Like Samsung it takes more than just six sigma or one type of management system to find a niche market. It takes a collaboration of others to make it work. Dr. W. Edwards Deming the father of quality claimed, "It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory. Also, learning is not compulsory... neither is survival. It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best." How true this is because there is no way to predict the future. Still, learning a new toolset and approach is never a bad idea.

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