Predictions 2009
Predictions 2009
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2010 Brings New Life


2010 is the Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese horoscope. The Tiger is said to be lucky, vivid and engaging. Also, Tigers are incorrigibly competitive with a strong sense of dignity. Will this be the beginning of a strong recovery for the status quo or a radical transformation of the marketplace This metamorphosis will drive the individual to redefine themselves and to give a spark to the new wave of activity.

The new life has started with the transformation of new wave of tiny chips. These tiny chips have redefined the power industry and have turned out to be more energy efficient. This is at the forefront of ACE Electronics to take the bulky and heavy power supplies such as coils and condensers which is essential for electrical appliances.

It is a non-memory semiconductor designed in Ochang, North Chungcheong Province and the tiny IC chip is smaller than a finger nail. The developers developed power supply on a chip (PoC) that used their own technology. When this tiny chip is connected for electronic devices, PoC conserves up to 20 to 30 percent more than the existing power supplies. This product is able to help appliances from TVs to washing machines while keeping the power consumption to a minimal.

What is even more outstanding is that government said, "The South Korean government and private sector will jointly inject 58.4 billion won (US$50.5 million) over the next three years into building up the local semiconductor manufacturing equipment." Also, with the 22 percent increase in the global semiconductor market projected for 2010. ACE Electronics will be the crème-de-la-crème amongst the competition in 2010.

Top 10 Predictions for Asia Pacific

The market place will be radically transformed with the surging demand among the Four Asian Tigers. The Four Asian Tigers are the highly developed economies of Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea.

Therefore, from one to ten, we present you the IDC's top ten Asia Pacific strategic technologies list.

Maturing of Cloud

2010 will see the use of highly sophisticated application in cloud services. Madden and his colleague Jens Butler, Principal Analyst in Ovum's IT services team in Asia-Pacific, recently completed several well-attended and successful Ovum Executive Seminars in Hong Kong and Singapore, presenting research on cloud computing services and cloud's impact on end-user IT sourcing decisions

Business Analytics

IDC states, "More advanced and sophisticated forms of analytics solutions, are actively being implemented by organizations in the region."

Social media in enterprises

Business analytics tools will surge and social media will be at the forefront of acceptance and adoption.

Evolving data centre

IDC stated, "Converged fabric solutions significantly address some of the IT sprawl and the resulting large amount of expenditure on maintenance. Prevailing economic conditions have fuelled the hunger to pare cost in datacenter management, and maintenance will be one of the most powerful motivators for the demand of converged fabric."

Evolution of SaaS to KaaS

IDC said, "The increasing maturity and acceptance of software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings will combine with decreasing profit margins in the business process outsourcing (BPO) market and will add another layer to the cloud services stack. Knowledge as a Service (KaaS), extends the SaaS delivery model by its addition of intellectual property (IP) related to a particular horizontal process or industry to the standard SaaS offering."

Smartphones on the rise

The research team at IDC stated, "The key driver of smartphones in the emerging markets of India and China is the increasing sophistication of mobile users. Shipments of converged devices in China are expected to grow from 7.5 percent of all shipments in 2008 to 13.5 percent in 2010. For the mobile industry, this represents a enormous prospect and a growing one."

The dawn of the enterprise appliance

"2009 saw a number of product launches that started to change the way vendors were thinking about hardware stacks and the solution offerings. This trend looks set to continue in 2010 and it is only a matter of time before hardware vendors emulate this proposition for dedicated, preconfigured hardware and storage for specific applications and workloads - the dawn of the enterprise appliance."

Revisiting chargeback

"The ability to effectively provide chargeback functionality already exists at many levels: desktop, storage, and certain applications. IDC believes the full implementation of Chargeback 3.0 is some years away, as there are still levels of technical complexity that need to be addressed within certain IT platforms. In addition, this is a highly politically charged area with ownership and accountability transitioning through. However, once the full benefits of Chargeback 3.0 are understood by the business owners, these will likely be minimized, and vendors and IT management should have a road map."

Intelligence X: Building a more measurable world

"IDC believes that 2010 will be a year of multiple "Intelligent" initiatives and tenders in Asia, as major governments and cities try to beat each other to the goal of securing foreign investment and foreign technology participation in this region. In these "Intelligent" initiatives, a new business model is emerging as a "Holy Trinity" consisting of government, ICT vendors, and citizens; all three working in sync is required to make inroads in emerging countries."

Machine to machine: The evolution of device grids

"With over 600 million fixed-line subscribers in APEJ and over 1.6 billion mobile subscribers in APEJ, the addressable opportunity for Machine to Machine (M2M) will be roughly 10:1 or over 20 billion M2M devices connected to the public and operator networks in the region by 2020. The emergence of M2M will lead to new wholesale and retail business models that will focus specifically on providing the latency and quality of service needed for commercial M2M applications such as surveillance, smart electric grid, emergency services and environmental sensors."

(Source: IDC)


After the 2007 and 2008 financial crisis, IT planning has undergone some major rethinking and this is reflected within IDC's predictions for 2010. The economy is showing early signs of recovery with the current trends it should continue to recover. The economy will return to sustained growth, according to research group IDC, which predicts double-digit gains through 2013. The ministry said, "Korea is forecast to record close to a $30 billion trade surplus in 2010 while Japan is forecast to record about $20 billion."

Korea's communications market to grow 7%

IDC Korea said, "The growth will be mainly driven by increased demand for multimedia content and other non-voice services on mobile communications." According to the report by research firm IDC Korea Corp., the communications sector will expand an annual average of 1.4 percent to reach 27.8 trillion won (US$29.1 billion) by 2010, compared with 25.9 trillion won last year.

Development of Chip Manufacturing Equipment

Government officials stated, "The South Korean government and private sector will jointly inject 58.4 billion won (US$50.5 million) over the next three years into building up the local semiconductor manufacturing equipment." Of the total to be used up till November 2012, the government will pay 35.9 billion won, with companies including Samsung Electronics and Hynix Semiconductor. This will further strengthen the country's leading semiconductor manufactures.

The Top Global Predictions

Next, our top global predictions, we present you the top global predictions of 2010.

Predicts Apple iPad for 2010

iPhone will release a bigger touch screen eight to ten inches and also, more energy efficient. The iPad will be released the end of 2010. Watch for Microsoft to release something in this category too.

Google Andriod OS Apps Vs. iPhone Apps

IPhone will continue to put out applications for the phone reaching 300, 000. Meanwhile Google's Android will approximately 70,000 applications.


IBM buying Juniper Networks to become one entity. Canon will continue to strengthen its hold in printing services. The IDC insisted, "Cisco and EMC will not merge."

Expansion of cloud-based services

IDC claimed, "IT growth driven by emerging markets, and a 15 percent U.S. penetration of smart meters and a 25 percent penetration of electronic health records."

PC market Growth

According to IDC's latest figures the PC market as a whole grew by 2.3 per cent in Q3 after three consecutive quarters of decline. The industry bean counters expect total shipments worldwide for 2009 to come in at US$291.4 million, compared to US$287.6 in 2008. The success story comes from smaller devices such as notebooks and mini notebooks soared to 27 percent. The overall growth will continue will desktop computers will stay flat, but mini notebooks growth will continue to rise. While ultra-thin devices will enter into the mix.

World Semiconductor Market

If the 2010 economic recovery is stronger than current expectations, semiconductor market percentage growth could be in the upper twenties. 2010 shows an average quarterly growth of a moderate 2.5% would drive 22% growth for the year. However, the semiconductor market is anything, but steady.

Faster Smart Phone Growth

Analyst estimates for smartphone market growth range from 20-30 percent for this year. Also, Score said, "He expected smartphone market volume to grow to more than US$500 million in five years from US$200 million phones this year."

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