Best Model of the Year
Best Model of the Year
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LG New Chocolate phone
DRAM products


Samsung Corby

There were many ups and downs in 2009, including economic recession, steep unemployment rate, and the G20 summit for greenhouse gas emissions. Most of all, the economic downturn and the collapse of Lehman Brothers have struck many nations that the world's entire economy was placed in jeopardy. However, amid bad economic conditions, Korea remained strong and emerged from the economic recession by putting forth the nation's best technological products of high quality to both domestic and international countries. These cutting-edge technological products are mainly cell phones, semiconductors, and display panels. Through continuous technological developments, the products that are mentioned above have secured a controlling power in the high-quality, premium IT market. The main controlling IT firms in Korea are Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and Hynix Semiconductor Inc. Especially, Samsung and LG are mostly well known for cell phones and LCD TVs, where they have expanded their market share and helped improve their product image this year.

<Semiconductor-Samsung & Hynix Semiconductor Inc.>

Samsung and Hynix Semiconductor Inc. gained the world's attention for their Double Data Rate 3 (DDR3) technology, one of their many DRAM products. Samsung procured 35.9 percent market share in the second quarter of this year for their DRAM products and combined with Hynix, they acquired over half (57.2 percent) of the market share for these DRAM product lines. Thus, in the second quarter they created revenue of 45 billion won which is a 26.8 percent increase from the first quarter. Nonetheless, Samsung and Hynix went through difficult times after the recession, but with their persistent investment and material orders, they differentiated their products from the rest and made a noticeable effect in the IT industry.

<Cell phone- Samsung & LG Electronics>

Although Samsung's Corby phone came out by the end of this year, its' demand surged from mostly Korean teenagers who were intrigued by this product; approximately 45 percent of its subscribers are teenagers and a total of 29 percent of them are between the ages of 20 and 30. Moreover, 65.5 percent of them are female and the other 34.4 percent are male. Another cell phone from Samsung is the digital camcorder model SMX-C10. This cell phone managed to survive well in the bearish market not just because of its design, but of its durability and flexibility. This product received the best-design award for various unique colors and the flexibility coming from the 25 angle lenses allowing the users to place it over their wrist to make it more comfortable. LG Electronics gained as much market share as Samsung; LG's New Chocolate phone was also awarded for the best-design cell phone of the year. This product is designed with a four inch screen to simply enhance portability; it has a live cinema view with a 21:9 width to length ratio that almost creates an atmosphere of a movie theater screen when watching video clips on the phone. Moreover, its minimal molding was to highlight simplicity as well as portability. Earlier this year, LG presented their Lollipop model cell phones that have also elevated the company's title; it sold 700,000 copies of Lollipop phones and LG is planning to sell more until February of next year.

<LCD Display panel- Samsung and LG>

For the display panels, Samsung Electronics' AMOLED prototype made a huge hit in the IT market and also LG Displays cornered the IT market by reaching a record high sales rate and outran its counterpart. This year, fast-growing display technology has satisfied consumers by lowering the price of gadgets while still providing high quality gadgets.. This year's trend of display product lines was based on more energy-efficient display technologies and greener manufacturing technologies. LG Display featured their state-of-the-art products of 23 inch, three-dimensional LCD screens this year. As the 3D technology and display technology is advancing to the next level, many competitive electronic firms struggled to invent an innovative technology that will outshine other companies and LG achieved in developing this front-running display panel. What brought LG Display to this high point was that LG reflected the cost-saving and energy-efficient trend of 3D technology. The best example is LG's AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) displays. LG exhibited the world's slimmest LCD panel of 5.9 mm and edge-based 42 and 47 inches. Also, it brags their 'white-plus' voltage that significantly lowers the energy with the aim of the year's eco-friendly boom. Samsung Electronics also exhibited AMOLED-type display panels this year emphasizing these three key points: eco-friendliness, slim, innovative design. Samsung's 55 inch LCD TV panel applied their 'active dimming' light that saves 40 percent in energy consumption. Also, when manufacturing their LCD product lines, they focused on faster response times and lower power consumptions. What are more fascinating were Samsung's 10.2 inch color electronic paper and the world's slimmest 1.64 mm LCD panel for 12.1 inch laptop.

All of these three products have elevated South Korea's position in the IT business sector. Furthermore, domestic companies have dove into the competitive world market and reached to the top. Therefore, we can all have high hopes on the next innovative, eco-friendly, and creative products from Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

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