Heliatek to exhibit at CES in Las Vegas and BAU in Munich
Heliatek to exhibit at CES in Las Vegas and BAU in Munich
  • By Daniel Yoo (info@koreaittimes.com)
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HeliaFilm® with junction box

Dresden, Germany December 19, 2016 /Korea IT Times-- Heliatek is expanding its global presence by exhibiting at two major upcoming shows in the US and Europe.

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will take place from the 5th to the 8th of January 2017 in Las Vegas. This show recognizes innovative concepts and products illustrating the various possibilities for applications of organic and printed electronics. Heliatek will exhibit with its strategic partner ENGIE as part of the OpenInnov pavilion (Location: Sands Expo, Level 1 Hall G, Eureka Park Next - Booth 51720 to 51531). CES is taking place for the 50th time and is the most established launch pad for new innovation and technology being introduced to the market. Heliatek is presenting HeliaFilm® in the context of Building integrated Organic Photovoltaic (BiOPV) urban fit solution.

At CES, Thibaud Le Séguillon, CEO of Heliatek, will also speak on the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) conference track session "Printed Electronics: Key Enabling Technology for IoT". He will present a variety of options for HeliaFilm® enabling IoBT (Internet of Big Things) solutions.

Thibaud Le Séguillon states: "The world's power generation is changing and it is transforming into a smart network of distributed energy generators. We are going from a centralized generation model to a decentralized one. HeliaFilm® is the only solar technology perfectly fitting in the urban land-scape and IoBT market. It's also a truly green solar technology, allowing significant reduction of CO2 emission."

HeliaFilm® enables the distributed generation of electricity on industrial and commercial buildings. Through the Internet of Big Things these buildings will be smartly connected with devices, vehicles and other consumers in need of clean and affordable energy. HeliaFilm® will allow power generation directly at the place of consumption.

Later in January Heliatek will exhibit for the second time at BAU in Munich - 17th to 21st of January 2017. Heliatek will showcase demonstrators of several projects that have been realized with different partners throughout the last year. HeliaFilm® was combined with building materials like fiber concrete, roof systems or steel façades. At BAU, Heliatek will present its current projects and share the latest developments on its products.

Heliatek is a leader in the field of Organic Electronics Energy, holding the world record efficiency of 13.2%. Through both its leading edge material development and its proven capability for volume manufacturing, Heliatek is the first company to begin commercialization of large area OPV solar film. Its business model is to supply the custom-designed HeliaFilm® to partners in industries such as building and construction materials, automotive and light architectural structures. Heliatek maintains a total staff of some 85 specialists at its facilities in Dresden and Ulm, Germany.

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