[Column] The great Korea who consider for the world
[Column] The great Korea who consider for the world
  • By Im Byoung-min (imubiquitous@gmail.com)
  • 승인 2016.12.29 05:26
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We can find out great Korean power from a candlelight vigil in this time. Despite a cold snap men and women of all ages and many families gathered around square and expressed their views on politics. We could see fresh political satires at the square and could even feel cheerful from people singing a song together or doing the waves like a concert or a street festival. There were no trash and no accident of violence during the protests. Foreign news reported a peaceful candlelight vigil of Korea showed a model of democratic rule by collective intelligence.

I think that we need the spirit of 3 Lees in this chaotic state of affairs. 3 Lees means that The great King of Sejong, The Admiral of Lee Sun-shin and The Scholar of Lee Hwang. It is time to need 3 Lee's patriotic khraisma for cleaning up society. Sejong Silok (record of King Sejong) states "No one on this earth ought to be thrown away."King Sejong’s leadership came largely from his love for people. Admiral Lee Sun-shin explained to his navy why they had to fight against all odds. To Admiral Lee Sun-shin, his county was most important. Admiral Lee Sun-Shin sacrificed himself in order to protect JOSEON Dynasty and its people. The philosophy of Lee Hwang is based on respect for people. We need New Lee's leadership with this special patriotic khraisma

From labor productivity to industrial productivity now lives in the age of knowledge productivity. This means you are living in the age of mobility. We are living in the era of accumulating various knowledge with mobile in hand, producing through mobile, and making money by selling the knowledge value to mobile. And I mention. The next generation of cyber-productivity is coming.

We live in information age which is also called Mobility age. We produce sales or consume something or communicate via mobile phones. Korea has high technology in extensive Mobility field like IOT(Internet of Things), semiconductor, car manufacture, bio, AI(Artificial Intelligence ), Cloud, Big data and so on. Korea has developed Cyworld earlier than Facebook. Korea has an excellent information and communications infrastructure as well as early adopters. But I mention the next generation of cyber productivity is coming, and I think Korean will solve many problems and improve their system by using their ability, so they will become a main country in Mobility age.

The whole world is waging economic war. Lately we can find out it Governments are changing to position supporting protectionism through the experience such as Brexit or the American presidential election. Uncertainty raise higher, we need to look in inside more deeply.
I believe that Korea will actively challenge to the future and will achieve it with passion as well. However, Korean will share value and worth with global friends including fast-growing

The China has been able to grow rapidly in a short period of time because of the transfer from the Korean industrial technology.

We should think seriously, focus about 1.1 billion people in Africa are demanding rapid growth. In Africa market, Which is growing at an average rate of 7% to industrial winds are blowing. Ethiopia should be notable in Africa. (Solomon & Sheba Kingdom of Axum), As history the central country of Africa, Korea, Anytime opening the door to industrial technology transfer to the world other countries. Please welcome to Korea

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