SolarScience paves the way for Green environment
SolarScience paves the way for Green environment
  • Bang Jung-hyun
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CEO Song Sung-Geun

Environmental problems are no longer an issue to procrastinate, but to take immediate action in order to prevent further environmental damages. The trend in Information Technology today is tilting towards eco-friendly and green technology; thus, vehicle manufacturers and other businesses are seeking to get a patent for various green products; although it sounds as though it may be exhausting and thorny, SolarScience Co. overcame such hurdles and obtained a patent for their eco-friendly product lines. Their principle products are solar street lights and LEDs and the company is currently exporting these main products to the United States, Iraq, Mongolia, and Abu Dhabi.

Most of all, what inspires people in awe is that the CEO of SolarScience is a junior, college student, at KyungWon University. Unlike his fellow classmates, Song Sung-geun has established his own company and nurtured to the point where the company makes annually one billion won profits and they are expecting seven billion won next year. Also, SolarScience plans on getting the company listed on KOSDAQ within three years. Song Sung-geun, the company's CEO, is 25 years old and majors in electronic engineering; in college, he signed up for the invention championship, and won first for his 'solar-light bicycle' among many participants and this event led to a major breakthrough in the development of his company. Just like any novice entrepreneurs, Mr. Song faced a rocky road where he started his business with a mere 10 million won. But then again, subsequent to winning other companies' recognition of their products at exhibitions and fairs, SolarScience, since then, are on the upward path.

Solar-light driven lamps

What sets SolarScience apart from other corporations is that their solar-light panels extract 21 percent energy when others extract 14 percent energy; in other words, in the process of transforming solar light into electric energy, they produce more energy while using less electricity, in which equals 'eco-friendly'. During daytime, solar-light street lamp utilizes the natural sunlight as energy and converts it into direct current and stores it in the storage batteries. Then, after sunset, it converts the direct current into alternating current and turns on three wave lamps that in turn brighten the street. Such function of SolarScience's solar-light street lamp has its merits: it does not produce harmful substances because it uses the organic sunlight; it agrees upon the Kyoto Protocol, where it suits both domestic and international environmental regulations; it uses limitless natural resources; it requires minimum operation management and additional fees; it is easy to construct or build because it involves minimum electrical devices and at the same time, provides high quality light. Mr.Song proudly tells that what makes SolarScience distinctive is that their electric circuit and the method of integration are different from the other corporations. In addition, they produce their only one of a kind solar light controller and LED modules and these central devices have received credit from many construction companies, in which ultimately enhanced SolarScience's marketing strategy. Currently, many public offices, Woomi construction Co., POSCO, and public/private schools are SolarScience's number one customers whom acknowledge and faithfully use their products.

The company also joined hands with several organizations in Iraq where the company exports solar-light devices and also started to expand their business into the United States, Mongolia, and Abu Dhabi. Thus, such vibrant foreign activities altogether convey the company's potential in building and expanding on a world scale. Mr. Song further explains, "It is hard to survive in the IT market if the company does not have an epoch-making discovery or development. One such company has to come up with a groundbreaking product in order to thrive in such competitive economy. Thus, we strive to concentrate on Research and Development sector to create new, innovative technologies that will outrun other pursuers. In addition, we have the best team where our employers have thorough experience that will contribute to putting SolarScience on a sound footing."

In comparison with the company being on the crest of a wave, going from success to success, their real motive is in growing the company and is not to scrape up the money, but to promote green environment from front to back. Mr. Song emphasized that his company wants to mature as a social enterprise that contributes in producing much job openings. Moreover, cutting down on carbon emission is the company's essential goal, in which it will lead to a greener environment.

solar-light street lamp

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