ESE’s Platform-based CCTV Control System Makes Gunpo Safer
ESE’s Platform-based CCTV Control System Makes Gunpo Safer
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Director Lee Joo-sang of ESEs’ research center giving the audience an introduction to ESE’s integrated CCTV control system

A resident of Gunpo, a small city in South Korea's Gyeonggi Province, is walking home alone late at night. He feels threatened by a suspicious-looking individual nearby who probably tries to assault him, rob him or follow him home. He walks briskly and runs for help in vain, only to find no passer-by on the street. He then spots an emergency bell on a nearby street light. He presses the bell, breathing a sigh of relief.

“Please, help me,” “Gunpo Control Center. What’s your emergency” Control room staff report to police officers who are stationed at the center. The nearest police station dispatches police officers to the scene.

Upon pressing the bell, all the surveillance cameras installed in the neighborhood keep tabs on the Gunpo resident and zeros in on the suspicious-looking individual and inform the police of the individual’s escape route in real time. The individual ends up in handcuffs and 911 paramedics who have also arrived at the scene check to see if the resident is alright.
On December 27, ESE, a Koren developer of CCTV control systems, set up an integrated CCTV control system based on a smart platform in Gunpo, South Korea's Gyeonggi Province.

Gunpo has become S. Korea’s first municipality equipped with an integrated CCTV control system, named 'GSSP (Gunpo Safety Smart Platform), which enables real-time ‘control’ and ‘response.’


GSSP, which collects and controls data on crime, disasters and traffic flows and helps make speedy responses to unexpected events, has been set up to make Gunpo a safer city for its 300,000 residents, ensure residents’ safety in daily lives and enable a comprehensive urban management.

The GSSP Center, situated on the 5th floor of Gunpo City Hall, is staffed with 24 people around the clock, including 5 Gunpo City officials, 13 CCTV room operators, 3 police officers and maintenance engineers.

Gunpo used to run several different control systems separately, therefore suffering from low operational efficiency and losses from overlapping investments. Though Gunpo has been operating CCTV cameras throughout the city for a long time, CCTV control, fault management, facility management, GIS (Geographic Information System) management, etc. have been taken care of by different companies that use different databases and systems. The lack of technical interoperability started to come to a head.

Choi Jae-in, head of Gunpo City’s Information Communications Department, said, “As the number of CCTV cameras and high-definition CCTV cameras for control centers increased, we felt the need to upgrade our CCTV control systems. Thus, we teamed up with ESE. We carried out a field study and chose the optimum platform-based system delivering high efficiency and scalability.”
The introduction of GSSP led to the integration of nearly 2,600 CCTV cameras of 13 different types, 13 different systems, 32 events, eight CCTV control room monitors and four maps.

ESE’s smart platform-based CCTV control system features the expansion of functions and services based on an open add-on platform that can run on any operating system. On top of that, its failover mechanism, an integral part of mission-critical systems that must be constantly available, ensures seamless operation, making it more fault-tolerant.

What’s more, ESE’s smart platform-based CCTV control system furnishes convergence services based on external and internal connections, allows you to share your current location with the people you choose, builds a standard interface structure and integrates various types of license plate capture camera systems and intelligent video surveillance systems.
ESE believes that its smart platform-based CCTV control system is so convenient and versatile that it is expected to expand into other municipalities.

In particular, it offers a app-based location tracking and sharing service. Those who have installed the app on their smartphone can send an SOS message requesting emergency assistance to the integrated control center in case of an emergency. Their location will be marked on the GIS map and the center will immediately dispatch police officers.

(From right) ESE CEO Park Kyoung-sik signing an MoU with Gunpo Mayor Kim Yoon-Joo and Superintendent of Gunpo Police Station Yoo Chung-ho

ESE CEO Park Kyoung-sik said, “Once municipalities have put in place our smart platform-based CCTV control system, their citizens can use the location sharing service. To help all the country benefit from security systems, ESE will make a company-wide effort to make ESE’s smart platform-based CCTV control system available nationwide.”

After ESE completed the setup of GSSP, a briefing session was held with Gunpo Mayor Kim Yoon-Joo and Superintendent of Gunpo Police Station Yoo Chung-ho and Chairman Lee Seok-jin of Gunpo City Council in attendance.

Gunpo Mayor Kim Yoon-Joo said, “GSSP is expected to contribute greatly to crime prevention, efficient management of safety facilities and enhancement of life quality. We will proactively promote GSSP to encourage Gunpo citizens to access its safety services.” Mayor Kim also expressed his gratitude to ESE for its successful completion of GSSP.

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