Merck Acquires BioControl to Strengthen Position in Food Safety Testing
Merck Acquires BioControl to Strengthen Position in Food Safety Testing
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Darmstadt, Germany, January 4, 2017/Korea IT Times– Merck today announced it has acquired BioControl Systems Inc ., a global leader in food safety testing. The acquisition opens growth opportunities for Merck in the
food and beverage space; particularly in the U.S. Confidentiality has been agreed
on the financial details of the transaction.

BioControl’s established rapid detection technology and third-party validated
testing platforms complement Merck’s portfolio of instruments and consumables in
its applied solutions business geared to the food pathogen testing workflow.

“BioControl’s acquisition strengthens our ability to help customers protect the global
food supply by providing an expansive portfolio of state-of-the-art testing
technology,” said Udit Batra, Member of the Merck Executive Board and CEO, Life
Science business. “BioControl’s innovative assays and validated kits, when
combined with Merck’s strengths in microbiology, filtration and e-commerce will
create a strong global provider aimed at solving tough challenges in the food
pathogen testing space,” he added.

The global spotlight on the importance of food safety has grown given the increased
incidents of outbreaks and recalls with foodborne diseases often caused by
consuming a wide range of foods including undercooked meat, eggs, fresh produce
and dairy products contaminated by Salmonella, Listeria, E.coli O157H7 and
Campylobacter. BioControl’s product portfolio includes pathogen detection kits to
identify these food poisoning bacteria in food and ingredients and its key customers
include meat producers.

“Merck is the best home for Biocontrol, our customers and our employees,” said Phil
Feldsine, President and Chief Executive of BioControl. "Merck’s global market
presence as a leader in laboratory sciences will introduce BioControl’s innovative,
customer oriented solutions to a much broader base worldwide while providing
existing customers with access to Merck’s food safety product portfolio and
expertise. The opportunity for BioControl to become part of a world class 350-yearold
organization with a reputation for doing it the right way is very rewarding.”

The acquisition is in line with the strategy of Merck’s life science business to expand
in key geographies, and provide a differentiated experience to customers in applied
settings, including food and beverage safety testing. While the business will continue
to focus on microbial quality control solutions for pharmaceutical production
processes and products, an area where the business currently has leading market
share, the acquisition will enable Merck to offer a complete food pathogen testing
platform to its customers in the food and beverage safety testing market.

Achelous Partners acted as financial advisor to BioControl on this transaction. Nixon
Peabody LLP represented Merck in the transaction.

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