The key ICT trends and insight this week :AI and autonomous vehicles take center stage
The key ICT trends and insight this week :AI and autonomous vehicles take center stage
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The key ICT trends and insights this week, Artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles take center stage, telcos announce new partnership developments and Apple's iPhone turns 10 years old.
Forging paths to 5G: Information and communication technology (ICT) leaders at the recent ITU Telecom World event discussed in detail how to build smart, harmonized 5G systems. They also discussed how best to collaborate in today's digital economy(For a deeper look:ITU News Magazine)

ICT Trends
AI and cars: Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant dominated headlines from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this past week, reflecting the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) as a key emerging technology. Car technology also made a big splash at CES. The two massive trends are often tightly linked, which will raise a number of tricky issues about safety and liability.

Autonomous vehicles: Tech companies' increasing contributions to the auto industry are also on display this week at the North American Auto Show’s Automobili-D conference, where Waymo announced that it has built its own complete automated-driving sensor suite, processing system and software. This means the Google spin-off can likely lay claim to controlling more of the self-driving car technology stack than any other player.

Partnerships: 2017 is already seeing new partnership developments as big telcos adapt to shifting dynamics brought on by IoT and 5G. Among them: Ericsson, Orange and PSA Group’s 'Towards 5G' connected car partnership and AT&T’s evolving strategic partnership with Amazon, including a new dedicated IoT developer starter kit, powered by AWS.

4G rollouts: Vodafone India will expand its 4G network to 2,400 towns. Meanwhile, Kenya's Safaricom has reportedly paid USD 25 million for a 4G licence. Elsewhere, Hungary's largest fixed and mobile operator Magyar Telekom says its LTE users grew 44% in 2016 and that 70% of data traffic is now on the 4G network.


Connectivity: BT's Openreach kicks off pilot deployment of ITU's technology.

Hardware: Apple's key product, the iPhone, turns 10 this week.
Infrastructure: Ericsson and Cisco to deliver new IP network backbone to Telefonica Guatemala.
IoT: World's first smart hairbrush knows more about your hair than you do
Best gadgets for 2017 Here's MIT Tech Review's list of top smartphones, VR headsets, and smart watches set to hit the market this year.

'Universal Basic Income' If robots and AI steal our jobs, universal basic income can help, argues Peter Diamandis, referring to one proposed solution to job loss due to automation. How could it work He gives examples.

Virtual Reality in China How did an American animator become a 'guiding force in China's bubbling VR scene' Yiting Sun reports how Kevin Geiger is kickstarting the Beijing Film Academy's new VR center.

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