Former EMC VP of Sales Joins Primary Data
Former EMC VP of Sales Joins Primary Data
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LOS ALTOS, Calif., Jan. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE/ Korea IT Times) -- With its DataSphere software platform ready for enterprise adoption, industry veteran Robert Wilson has joined Primary Data to scale out its sales team and Channel growth as the company’s new Head of Sales. Formerly the Vice President of Global Sales at EMC ScaleIO, and Vice President of Hyperscale Sales at Fusion-io, Wilson brings years of expertise in leading sales teams to help innovative customers adopt advanced storage solutions to support business growth.

“The Primary Data engineering team has built an incredible software platform that does what no one said could be done – unite different types of storage from flash in a server, to shared arrays, to storage in the cloud,” said Lance Smith, Primary Data CEO. “With DataSphere now ready to help customers automate data orchestration across different storage types, we are excited to be bringing Rob on board to build a sales organization that matches the passion of our engineering team for simplifying data management for our customers.”

At Primary Data(, Wilson will lead the expansion of the Primary Data sales team to help customers orchestrate data across different types of storage to support automated data lifecycle management, Scale-out NAS, virtualization, data migration and cloud integration. He will also be expanding the company’s Channel program, empowering existing and new Primary Data Channel partners to help their customers get the right data to the right storage at the right time.

“With flash and cloud storage now common, and only so much innovation ahead in appliances, many in the storage industry are wondering what technology breakthrough is coming next,” said Wilson. “Primary Data’s DataSphere software platform is a powerful solution to the data challenges that every large company faces around the world: How to simplify, save budgets, and scale their storage infrastructure. I’m excited to join the team to bring DataSphere to enterprises looking for a smarter way to manage petabytes of data.”

The Primary Data DataSphere platform automatically moves data across different storage types by creating a global dataspace through data virtualization. A powerful policy engine places data on the ideal storage resource to automatically meet evolving performance, price and protection requirements, according to IT-defined Smart Objectives. DataSphere frees performance storage capacity and moves colder data to the cloud, significantly saving storage budgets while optimizing enterprises’ existing storage investments.

Primary Data transforms datacenter architectures by orchestrating the right data to the right place at the right time. Through data virtualization, the Primary Data DataSphere platform creates a global dataspace across direct-attached, network-attached, private and public cloud storage to deliver unprecedented manageability, performance, and efficiency. The storage-agnostic DataSphere platform features an intelligent Objective engine that automatically moves data across file, block, and object storage to meet evolving application requirements in real time.


Innofactor Plc ANNOUNCEMENT 20.1.2017


In the Helsinki Stock Exchange

Trade date 20.1.2017
Bourse trade Buy
Share IFA1V
Amount 1 000 Shares
Average price/ share 1,1500 EUR
Total cost 1 150,00 EUR

Innofactor Plc now holds a total of 255 839 shares
including the shares repurchased on 20.1.2017

On behalf of Innofactor Plc

Nordea Bank Finland Plc

Janne Sarvikivi Julius Summanen

Media Contacts: Holly Hagerman, Connect Marketing for Primary Data( and
Shannon McPhee, Primary Data Communications(


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