True Meaning of Service
True Meaning of Service
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CEO Kay Song of Business Travel and Incentive Tour

Blast Off!
"Hi, my name is Kay Song. If you plan on traveling abroad, don't hesitate to contact me. Here is my card," was the statement that sparked the humble beginnings of BT&I, which is now listed in KOSDAQ as one of the top ten travel management companies in Korea. Originally dubbed 'Itaewon Travel Express', CEO Kay Song would approach pedestrians on the main strip of Itaewon, Seoul's center for foreigners. Just a few months before in America, she never could have imagined this scene.

Kay Song had to prove it to herself and to her family that she could make it on her own. She left behind a comfortable and settled life knowing that by making such a choice she would fall out of favor with her parent. There was set path laid out by her father, a bird in a cage to be handed off in an arranged marriage, or the path to freedom. And she chose the latter. When you are chained down living to fulfill someone else's will, all you need are the guts to break loose and fly away.
Business Travel and Incentive Tour's (BT&I) strength lies in the heartwarming stories it has built up over twenty years of experience and success in the travel market. At every point in history for BT&I, the story has come alive. Kay Song once stepped in to Seoul Foreign School to introduce herself and found her first group client and her gratitude is still returned to the school with a high quality service. "We had a very large group and some of my biggest concerns were the airport and the extra donated luggage- all of which were handled beyond my expectations," a part of letter stated from a SFS representative.

L'homme qui Plantait des Arbres (The Man Who Planted Trees)
In the field of travel, CEO Kay Song planted a seed in 1987, and that seed grew to be a mighty tree. In two decades, BT&I stood tall on the ground as an official partner of HRG (Hogg Robinson Group) and gained a global network of over 100 countries throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. Every year, the mighty tree continues to spread its branches wider than ever before. BT&I is currently merged with Tour Express and Volvic Inc., and delivers an outstanding level of travel management services to more than 300 major multinational and domestic corporations including Pfizer, Dupont, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup as well as Samyang Corporation, Hyosung, and Shinhan Financial Group.

Getaways made perfect by BT&I
BT&I provides a full range of customized incentive travel services which are recognized as indispensable tools to promote communication among employees, share the corporate vision, cultivate teamwork, and boost morale.
BT&I has developed its crisis management strategy, buying power, as well as the capabilities to suit clients' needs. When arranging incentive and corporate travel, BT&I deploys its powerful leverage for price negotiation and strong buying power to ensure that events run smoothly. In particular, the ability to quickly update travel information, prepare for future contingencies, and mobilize local partnerships is their unique strength.
By consolidating all aspects of incentive travel such as venue booking, air travel management, hotel accommodation, and other logistics, BT&I is highly specialized in handing various types of events and incentive travel. Amongst their many glowing reviews, Senior Product Manger of AstraZeneca aptly portrays BT&I's personalized touch. "When I have attended to ASCO in May, I had to change flight schedule in the airport since I haven't brought my US visa. For BT&I's support and fast action, I was able to change my flight schedule and catch the flight."
Amid increasing demands for incentive travel experts, BT&I has a great pool of highly qualified and trained staff with a global mindset. BT&I's incentive team inspires customers with creative and meaningful events such as adrenaline-pumping adventure activities, island cruises, exotic culture experiences, theme parties, and a wide variety of team-building programs.
"Gucci Group Korea would like to express our deepest gratitude for BT&I's thorough service. The 400 of us had the best 2009 incentive trip. All Thanks to BT&I," said Gucci Group Korea representative.
"I am sincerely thankful for all the kind words that satisfied customers have shared with us. Service industry requires hours of hard work and things often get incredibly tense. Their encouragement helps us to keep pushing forward striving to become even better at what we do." CEO Song said.

Customized Travel Service
The quality services that BT&I provides include corporate travel consulting, sales incentive travel, incentive tour program, award ceremony and gala dinner, customer travel program, VIP special travel, industry inspection, team building program, congress and convention programs. BT&I integrates all incentive travel service needs such as travel consulting, venue selection, itinerary planning, supplier outsourcing and trip fulfillment, and post-trip analysis.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Korea Service Satisfaction Grand Prize by Hankook Daily Newspaper

"We have long been allowing customers to pay after successful service," CEO Song continued, "Our primary focus is to stick with our role as a travel management company regardless of our pay rate. Thus, we do not expect our customers to pay for our service before they have received it."

We are Family
BT&I corporate culture is built on listening: this ensures that BT&I clearly understand the clients' objectives so that BT&I can maximize the value of their services. CEO Kay Song also sees a great value in listening to her employees. One of the BT&I travel consultants, Jean Kim, commented, "One day, I traveled by train with my boss' children. There she introduced me to her children by saying, Jean helps my work a lot. I don't know what I would do without her.' When the children gave me a warm smile, showing their gratitude, I felt touched. Another day, she put up a placard on the wall that said, "Mom and Dad, Have a Nice Day!" and made us to put up our kids' picture on the wall. Each time we pass the hallway in the midst of a tensed working hour, a smile lit up on our smiles just by looking at those pictures." CEO Song indeed strongly believes that if she can't touch her family's heart, she also can't touch her clients' heart.
Figuring out clients' needs and offering the best solution are the first step toward the successful event management and better customer experience. In this respect, BT&I is the best in the industry in delivering customized total travel management that serves the purpose of events of all sizes and fit customer's corporate culture.

eCTM (electronic Corporate Travel Management) and Tourexpress English Website
eCTM is an online reservation system developed for corporate clients and travel managers to save cost and make air and hotel reservation more efficiently. It will enable business travelers to access travel information online at anytime and anywhere and help them manage their travel more efficiently.
In another innovative development at BT&I, online English travel website will be launched this year. It is the first English travel website in Korea's travel history and targets for foreigners and English speaking Koreans worldwide. Anyone who is in needs of traveling within and to and from Korea can book flights and hotels more easily and conveniently through the website. BT&I's customized travel service, advanced systems, and attention to details all have been nourishing the company at its roots and will continue to assist its growth.


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