The AI + Fashion: Color Trends Report by China's Post 95s.
The AI + Fashion: Color Trends Report by China's Post 95s.
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According to the Jointly produced report from Tencent's Qzone and YouTu Lab & Vipshop on Feb 15, includes color, fabric and pattern preferences of China's post-95 generation Fashion show by famous Chinese designer Chi Zhang at New York Fashion Week 2017 inspired by findings NewYork

When we think of artificial intelligence (AI), usually images of human-like robots and computer brains are what come to mind. However, AI is in fact making its way from science fiction to the catwalk and the everyday fashions of the young generation.

AI-inspired fashions from famous Chinese designer Chi Zhang shown at New York Fashion Week 2017. Zhang's designs draw on recent report revealing Fashion Preferences of China's post-95 generation issued by Tencent's Qzone and YouTu Lab and Vipshop.

This is exactly what Qzone, one of China's largest online social network platforms owned by Tencent, YouTu Lab, an AI research lab under Tencent focusing on machine learning, and Vipshop Holdings Limited, China's leading online discount retailer for brands, have joined hands to accomplish. The three platforms have produced a new AI powered report that reveals the fashion preferences of China's "post-95" generation in terms of most popular colors, fabrics and patterns and inspired a new collection by famous Chinese designer Chi Zhang, named Designer of the year by Esquire China, to be launched at New York Fashion Week 2017.

This is the first time that AI technology has been leveraged to identify fashion trends to guide the design of a major new collection for presentation at New York Fashion Week.

By applying facial recognition technology to big data aggregated on Tencent's Qzone platform, YouTu Lab's algorithm identified the ages of "post-95" users accurately within three years. In order to analyze fashion preferences, the AI-powered technology was able to distinguish users' clothing from a multitude of varied backgrounds with 95% accuracy.

When choosing which clothes to buy, China's post-95 generation has a clear preference for "light" black (RGB code 22, 20, 24), which they most often choose to match with red, yellow and blue, according to the findings of The AI + Fashion: Color Trends Report of China's Post 95s. Other popular The AI + Fashion: Color Trends Report by China's Post 95s.

"This cooperation with Vipshop and Chi Zhang has been a fantastic experiment in bringing AI into the world of fashion, and we hope to help designers create inspiring new fashions that capture emerging trends," said Mr. Ross Liang, Corporate Vice President of Tencent and head of YouTu Lab. "Powered by the big data resources of Qzone's massive image database, YouTu Lab's image recognition capability is rapidly becoming even more advanced and is capturing imaginations through its wide range of applications. "

"This cooperation represents a significant innovation connecting sales, big data and AI to bridge the
e-commerce, technology and fashion industries," said Vipshop Senior Director Feifei Chen. "By bringing to light what young people in China like to wear, we hope our work can serve as an inspiration to the fashion industry and lead to even more fashion options for Chinese consumers."

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