Barun Electronics, Global Internship Academy Adopted regular curriculum of Seoul Technical High School
Barun Electronics, Global Internship Academy Adopted regular curriculum of Seoul Technical High School
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Seol Myoung-whan, Head of the Communications Department at Barun Electronics (right) and Yang Han-seok, Principal of Seoul Technical High School pictured together after concluding an agreement to open the academy.

Barun Electronics(CEO Kim Tae-sub, 064520) in Seoul South Korea, announced on Feb. 24 that their global internship academy was selected to be included in the regular curriculum for the 2017 career experience education at Seoul Technical High School.

According to Barun Electronics, the global internship academy, which was developed and operated by Barun Electronics for youth career experience education, has been adopted as a regular course of public education for the first time as a domestic company.

It will be held every Wednesday during 6th period with trend IT special courses and 7th period with mentoring and will be held from March to December for high school 2nd year students.

Yang Han-seok, Principal of the Seoul Industrial Corporation, said, "From this year, communication with enterprise field mentors will begin rather than the short term career experience because I have introduced an internship-type education model."

Barun Electronics has been operating youth career education programs for the past four years. It has received positive response from youth IT specialists and is inviting students of science and engineering college to give practical help.

Barun Electronics will provide practical opportunities for students to specialize in the system and know-how of youth career education and apply them to the school site so that students can gain the knowledge and experience as a preliminary step for their careers and career choices.

Kim Tae-sub, Dean of the academy, said, "We plan to build an on-line and off-line system for students who attend the classes and make them receive continued counseling for social activities after graduation. I expect to be able to strengthen the sense of presence of career education."

Barun Electronics was selected as "2016 Educational Donation Career Experience Institution" in recognition of the achievements that contributed to the development of the Korean science and engineering industry in December.

In 2015, Barun was also awarded the Grand Prize of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Best Director for Youth Career Education, Seoul Education Appreciation, and the Youth Career Education Mentor Seoul Education Appreciation for his achievements in the youth career education program from the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education.

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