Radware Named Winner of Five 2017 Top Manage Security Services of Global Excellence Awards
Radware Named Winner of Five 2017 Top Manage Security Services of Global Excellence Awards
  • By Jung Se-jin (info@koreaittimes.com)
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According to Globe Newswire press release on March 09, Radware® (NASDAQ:RDWR), a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, announced that Info Security Products Guide, a leading information security research and advisory guide, has named Radware a winner of five 2017 Global Excellence Awards®, including a Gold award in Managed Security Services for Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) and a Silver award in IoT Security for Radware’s Attack Mitigation System.

The security industry celebrated its 13th Annual 2017 Global Excellence Awards in San Francisco by honoring excellence in every facet of the industry, including products, people behind the successes and best companies. More than 40 judges from a broad spectrum of industry voices from around the world participated and their average scores determined the 2017 Global Excellence Awards Finalists and Winners.

Radware's Emergency Response Team (ERT) is an emergency service that can stop DDoS attacks quickly. Designed to provide 24x7 security services for customers facing a denial-of-service (DoS) or a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack or a malware outbreak, the ERT delivers instantaneous, expert security assistance and DDoS prevention in order to stop DDoS attacks and restore network and service operational status. The ERT is staffed by DDoS protection service experts that have vast knowledge and experience with network threats, their detection and mitigation, and in-depth experience of the Attack Mitigation Service (AMS) family of products.

Radware's Attack Mitigation System (AMS) integrates on-premise detection and mitigation with 24/7 support. The service can be extended to cover web-application security and SSL-based attack mitigation, providing robust end-to-end protection against multi-vector network and application attacks, including those spawned by masses of hacked Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Radware won three other Global Excellence Awards:

* Gold winner in Apps for the Radware Connect App
* Gold winner in Best Web Writing/Content for Radware’s DDoSWarriors site
* Bronze winner in New Products and Services for Radware’s Cloud Security Services

Radware’s DDoS Warriors is a destination site for professionals in the cyber security space. It offers near to real-time information on breaking alerts, best practices, guidelines and knowledge. It is an extension of value of ERT and demonstrates Radware thinks holistically about its solutions to its customers, who need more than technology to win the cyber security war. RadwareConnect is a mobile app designed for Radware’s customers and partners that provides ERT threat alerts in real-time, blog content, information about Radware products and services and instructions for receiving support. It supports our customer and partner base business needs, enhances customer service and the customer experience.

“The proper attack mitigation and emergency response team is critical as DDoS attacks grow in size, frequency, and intensity, fueled by botnets populated by millions of IoT devices,” said Carl Herberger, vice president of security solutions at Radware. “This suite of awards honors our team’s deep expertise in mitigating these pernicious attacks. That our peers recognize our work demonstrates the depth and breadth of the protections, services, and resources we provide our customers. This honor deepens our resolve to educate and support businesses as they anticipate and defend against the ever-evolving threat landscape.”

Info Security Products Guide keeps end-users informed of the choices they can make when it comes to protecting their digital resources. It is written expressly for those who are adamant on staying informed of security threats and the preventive measure they can take. The information in this guide includes tomorrow's technology today, best deployment scenarios, people and technologies shaping info security and market research reports that facilitate in making the most pertinent security decisions. The Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards recognize and honor excellence in all areas of information security.



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