Kika Emoji Keyboard Plans to Liven Up the SXSW Tradeshow With Fun Emojis and Sticker Giveaways
Kika Emoji Keyboard Plans to Liven Up the SXSW Tradeshow With Fun Emojis and Sticker Giveaways
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SAN FRANCISCO, Mar. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/Korea IT Times -- At the forefront of where users, brands, content, and emotions interact with each other on mobile devices, lies Kika Tech the creator of the #1 downloaded Android Keyboard app in the Google Play Store. Kika's signature app, Kika Emoji Keyboard, has over 275 million downloads from all over the world, and is ready to partner, share, and help others monetize at this year's SXSW event.

Riding high from a number of successful partnerships with Hollywood films and major international sports teams, Kika Tech makes its second appearance in Austin and world famous SXSW to search for deeper relationships with big brands and influential content creators.

"SXSW is an opportunity for us to show our current content partners we are serious about supporting their marketing goals and increasing engagement to their IP, as well as creating the opportunity to meet new, fresh brands and creators that are interested in being placed on the fingertips of over 275 million users worldwide." - Marc Richardson, Kika Tech GM, N. America

Currently, Kika Tech has offices in Beijing, Silicon Valley, and Taiwan. In less than 3 years Kika Keyboard has been downloaded over 275 million times and maintains 50 million monthly active users. Kika has partnered with Hollywood studios and in the last 3 months has help to send over 5 million stickers of 3 of the latest Box Office hits.

Because of SXSW's thriving conference that brilliantly weaves technology, with music, film and fashion, Kika Tech has made extensive marketing investments in Austin, TX and sees clear opportunities for more partnerships within the mobile and machine-learning industries. This year Kika has promised to have the most fun booth within the SXSW Interactive Tradeshow from March 12th-15th. Look out for cool emoji swag giveaways and daily games to give you a quick break from all the "tech talk".

"Kika has always been about helping people communicate their ideas and feelings in a way that best represents them," said Kika Tech CEO, Bill Hu. "We are in the era of mobile Internet, and smart devices have become the platforms of modern day communication. The keyboard is the natural entrance into those platforms."

Key Timeline of Events

  • 2014 Kika Keyboard launched in Google Play Store
  • End of 2015 20M daily users
  • Feb 2016 Reached 130M downloads
  • End of 2016 Raised a total of over $60M
  • 2017 Reached 275M downloads

About Kika

Kika is more than just an emoji and GIF sharing app, Kika's keyboard apps provide users with super-fast typing & swiping, natural language prediction, theme & layout customization, and an open plugin platform capable of making any task more convenient.

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