North Korea’s Nuclear and Missile Threat, It's China’s Responsibility
North Korea’s Nuclear and Missile Threat, It's China’s Responsibility
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Jung Yeon-tae, Chairman of the Innovation Forum for Nation

When we see the Chinese act or international attitude, it is nothing more than a developing country, which is a big in size only. It is far from an advanced country. Considering that Korea’s introduction of the THAAD system from the self-defense dimension is the result of the Chinese lukewarm behaviors to North Korea’s nuclear and missile threat, it is entirely China’s responsibility.

Moreover, when taking into account the fact that China has supported North Korea’s nuclear and missile development directly and indirectly behind the scene, China is seen as a cunning and shameful country.

Jung Yeon-tae, chairman of the Innovation Forum for Nation, said in a recent interview with The Korea IT Times, calling on China to stop its unnecessary attacks against the deployment of a U.S. anti-missile defense system in Korea immediately and withdraw its economic and cultural retaliations against Korea.

Asserting that China should stop its shameful threat against Korea and show an appearance as a big country, Chairman Jung said that Korea is moving to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) battery from the self-defense dimension in preparation for possible North Korea's nuclear and missile attacks.

Nevertheless, he insisted, China has imposed sanctions and pressure on Korea in the economic, cultural and military fields under the pretext of a military threat.

Chairman Jung also criticized China, saying, "The Chinese act against the international order not only collapses the amicable relationship accumulated between Korea and China but also deserves to be denounced by the global society. It means that China denies the economic deregulation and free trade by itself."

Despite the fact that the THAAD deployment cannot be a threat against China unless China attacks Korea, the Chinese action seems to come out of the view of the outdated imperialism, beyond the principle of the self-protectionism, he mentioned.

"Accordingly, it should be cleared whether or not China has an intention to attack Korea by force of arms in case that Korea does not withdraw the THAAD deployment," it insisted. At the same time, it is questionable that China's passive response to the U.N. resolution to impose sanctions against the North Korea's nuclear and missile development and its direct and indirect supports for North Korea's nuclear and missile development and manufacture stem from such a context, Jung said.

Noting that it is a clear fact that the THAAD deployment was derived from the self-defense dimension against the North Korea's nuclear and missile threat before Korea starts the nuclear development or nuclear armament, he called for, "We cannot accept the Chinese intervention in the domestic affairs anymore so that China should withdraw the rash expression of its anger and retaliation acts immediately."

Meanwhile, he demanded the political circles' awakening, saying, "The ruling and opposition parties, which are blind with the presidency, are hampering the national harmony and promoting national schism despite the national security and the economy both in danger. Before scolding China, they should feel ashamed of themselves."

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