Korean-Danish Companies Create Innovative Sound Therapy Solution
Korean-Danish Companies Create Innovative Sound Therapy Solution
  • By Oh Hae-young (info@koreaittimes.com)
  • 승인 2017.03.16 16:21
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With the Danish Embassy’s Innovation Centre in Seoul acting as a bridge, a Danish and Korean company each specialising in sound and neuro-science products have successfully created a new sound therapy solution aimed at reducing symptoms of depression, sleep disturbance, pain, anger, and other similar side effects of prolonged stress.

GEOMC, well known to Korean consumers for its ‘MC Square’ and other neuro-science based products, has collaborated with Danish sound specialist AUDIOWISE for this new technology that effectively combines their respective strongpoints.

With the embassy’s initial matchmaking and continued strong support, the two companies signed a non-disclosure agreement last July as part of their technological convergence. As a follow up measure on March 14th, the companies’ leaders participated in a signing ceremony held at the Danish embassy to announce the start of the clinical testing process.

Combining GEOMC’s neuro-science based technology and AUDIOWISE’s sound treatment technology, the new technology will be tested at Seoul National University’s research centers to provide empirical proof of effectiveness.

Both companies have reported that non-clinical tests have shown remarkable results in reducing the physical effects of anger, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, pain, and sleep disturbance while improving the quality of sleep in users. It is expected that if the clinical tests are successful, the resulting products could be a turning point in modern day stress, sleep, and pain management that allow patients a more natural option to medicinal treatment.

GEOMC CEO Lim said, “This collaboration will lead to a strong synergy between our two companies – we have each developed our specialties and competencies in our respective sectors that we have brought together to work for the same goal. We will strive to develop products that can increase the quality of life for the modern man; products that can provide a more natural way of relief and therapy that does not carry the risk of drug misuse or overdoes in users.”

AUDIOWISE CEO Sårde said, “Following positive results in non-clinical testing, we are now looking to clinically certify this new technology so that our products will not be categorized as ‘alternative treatment’. I am certain it will result in a strong, interesting product that will surprise the world.”

The innovative technology targets the growing markets tailored to the needs of modern day consumers struggling with stress, depression, and sleep deprivation. The “sleeponomics” market in Korea, U.S., and Japan are reported to be generating an annual growth of 2 trillion won, 20 trillion won, and 6 trillion won respectively with sleep and sleep-aiding products.


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